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My sister and I were also told by Banfield that First Shield is better than Frontline. Anyone who is considering buying this STAY AWAY!

We have 4 dogs and 4 cats and they are actually worse than before the treatment. We are both single moms who have little money and now have no way to buy frontline. We now have to watch our animals suffer until we can get another flea treatment. Stick to Frontline or Advantage, at least we all know that it works!

Very, Very dissapointed and out a lot of money!!!!!

Thanks Banfield for a bad product. :(

Monetary Loss: $70.

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:p I have a 4yr old chihiahua and first shield works great on him. He has no allergic reactions either so it really just depends on ur pet.

Size nor weight matters. Its a good product and banfield is a great place


This is a BAD year for fleas. Most flea protection meds aren't working well this year.

I've talked to several breeders and they are having problems with meds they use every year. We have used First Shield before and it got rid of our dogs (3) fleas with no problems. This year we couldn't afford it so we went with another brand thats also made by frontline but its cheaper. Our dogs still have fleas and we can't get rid of them.

We called the maker and they sent us more meds and a can of upholstery and carpet stuff to help.

They also said its a bad year for fleas becaus of the mild winter and everyones having problems. So, I'm just saying don't blame it on first shield or banfield because it really is a bad year and everyones having problems with fleas.


If your taking responsibility for a pet than it is YOUR responsibility to ask what your vet is giving to your animal. I personally would never take a medication without knowing the facts and would never do the same to my pets.

I talked to my vet before she gave me the first shield treatment for my cat and dog and she explained the facts. Some animals can have great results and never have an issue while others can have severe allergic reactions. Luckily for me my animals have done great with this product! My cats an indoor cat but kept getting ticks from my dog because his previous product didn't prevent them.

Hes flea and tick free and a very happy cat.

Switching did cost me more and I even had left over product from before. However, Animals are a costly commitment, if you can't afford flea prevention than maybe its time you found a home that can provide better care.


My dog has never really had a problem with the First Shield...but now I am afraid to put it on him again. :?

It is time for his monthly flee vaccination by First Shield..but I don't know if I should put it on him. I don't know if it's allergic reactions or something in the product that hurts it, but either way, I don't want any dogs getting hurt.


i have a cat and 2 dogs who i take to banfield. i do use "first shield" on all of them.

issues people are having may be related to breed!!! my cornish rex cat (known for their sensitivity to meds and their terrible skin allergies) has a severe allergic reaction to "bio spot" but tolerates first shield very well. the chihuahua and papillon dogs also have no issues with it.

however, the papillon has an allergic reaction to "worm shield" but tolerates "heartgard" very well.

the lesson her being, shop around and try different things so that you know what works best for your baby!


Before bad-mounthing and/or endorsing a product one should probably understand the products make up. Everybody swears by K9 Advantix and yet, in the same breadth everybody slams First shield.

Firstly, they both contain the same active pesticide,

Permethrin. In fact K9 is actually using a much higher concentration (44% vs. 36%). I've actually read websites that will slam just about any product that uses permethrin except for the "highly recommended and vet approved" K9 Avantix.

Makes you wonder who's writting the review. Secondly, Banfield does not make First Shield, Schuyler does. Also sold outside Banfield as Vetra 3D.

If you have a problem with Banfield that's fine, but don't bad-mouth a product they don't even make. For the record we have been using First Shield on our dog for months without issue.


This is my first experience with First Shield and I am not sure that this product is worth a hill of beans... My German Shepherd is still itching after applying it 9 hours ago.

My one cat, Rambo is acting very strange tonight. He is just laying around, looking distant.. I hope to *** I have not caused him any discomfort. I didn't realize that I was using First Shield instead of Frontline.

I think Banfield should ASK us what we prefer instead of just handing us this product. It is in a bag so you don't even know what you have until you get home... I generally trust a vet to provide a safe product for my animals..

I am not sure what to think yet about how my animals are doing.. Won't sleep too well though, worrying about my buddy, Rambo.


You people that keep stating your financial strain should not be caring for pets if you are constantly going to be under such financial instability. It doesn'take the product seem any less effective either by staying your a single mom and money is tight.

That is just ridiculous. No flea preventative costs are too high that would even break the bank so complaining that it is an added strain to your finances is almost idiotic. In addition, if you've used any other flea preventative prior and decided to give first shield a try obviously indicates your lack of satisfaction for the medication you've used. One reason your dogs could have reactions is because you switched flea preventatives and another reason could be genetic.

Banfield is NOT the problem nor is the medication, it is your dog. Who is to say which dog will have a reaction or complication. There are no tests to prove such and of you really want to protect your dogs.

Control all other factors such as diet and living conditions as another measure of prevention. The fact that you people are so ready to disapprove a product without the basis of any scientific knowledge or viable proof that one product is superior to another is actually discerning.


Can't use First Shield on my Yorkie who is 5lbs. Every time I put it on her, she went into an alergic reaction, shaking, rolling in the grass on her back and hiding under furniture.

I can use it on my 12lb. Maltese though who has no side affects.

I think the dosage is just too strong for the smaller dog. Use the Comfortis pill now but it's only good for fleas.


I have a cat I have had for 7 years he has an allergy to fleas he pulls out his hair and has bald spots when I put Firstshield on him he clears right up his hair starts to grow back. For eveyone who says don't go to Banfield it has to be the state your in cause her in Va they are great.


I've been using this product for 4 or 5 months now and we love it. Our dog has never had a problem with fleas or ticks.

We used a different brand before and my dog got 2 ticks. The reason we switched to this brand is for the tick control. And it works. I put it on the dog and give him a rawhide to chew on while it dries.

It is a pricey flea & tick control, but it's worth it when you think about the savings you have in the long run.

When our dog got the ticks before, we had to put him on medication to prevent him from developing Lyme Disease. All in all, this product has worked and our dog hasn't had any adverse effects that I can tell of.


My 3 year old yorkshire terrier had a first trio treatment 3 days ago. I will never use this product again!

My dog is having terrible muscle spasms and weeping. She hasn’t slept the last 2 nights at all. I feel so bad. Her skin is very red and irritated.

We gave her a bath with dawn dish soap. That seemed to help temporarily. I took her to an emergency vet in the middle of the night. The emergency vet gave her a shot of benedryl and told us to give her a half a pill of benedryl every 8 hours starting the next day.

I wondering how long it will take for her condition to improve. I feel so bad for my poor baby. I’m seriously considering cancelling my Banfield plan. I’m livid!

I love my dog. It kills me to see her in such pain


I put this on my dog last night(21-50pound size) on my 21 week old pup, within minutes the ONLY thing hurting were the fleas, they literally fell off by the dozens I had no idea it was this bad. 24 hours later he is still the same pup he was 2 days ago, This actually worked better then the frontline did all summer.

Dogs are very interbred now and allergies are very common.

Its not the medication its the dogs chemical reaction to the product that is the issue. I had the choice of FStrio or FL no pressure from banfield towards either one.


I have used this product on my dog since a Puppy and had no problems at all. Just like people can have allergic reactions to medicine so can dogs and perhaps that is the problem, not the medication itself.


I'm extremely exhausted after spending half the nite in the pet emergency hospital. Don't get me wrong, thus far I have been vert happy with the service my dog has received from banfield.

But after putting firstshield trio on my 14 week old pom puppy I will never buy that product again & to top it off banfield doesn't have any options for cases where this stuff is bad for my dog. I put the trio on my puppy at bedtime because it's harmful to cats and seriously who can keep your dog and cat apart! He whined during the night which is highly unusual for him and when we got up in the morning he was doing this weird shaking!!! It was like he shook once every minute.

I called banfield and they told me to keep an eye on him. I left the home to go to work for about 5 hours after keeping an eye on him all day. When I returned home I started doing research because he was doing the same thing. I felt horrible especially after reading these posts.

I mean these little guys can't communicate what's wrong with them. I called the emergency hospital and told them what was going on and they told me to bring him in immediately because he could start to have seizures!!!! I was scared out of my mind! Needless to say I will never ever ever put this stuff on my baby again!!!

I'm so happy after spending hours in the hospital and taking a good bath that he's starting to return to normal.

The techs at the hospital had never even heard of firstshield!!! Bottom line don't put this stuff on your pets if you love them!!!


I am a single mother of 3. Money is tight.

Just bought Firstshield for my 2 Pomeranians and applied it last night. I changed my sheets and I bathed them in DAWN. They are still itching and has taken their peace away. I feel guilty and I don't know what else to do.

I have no money.

I thought the medicine would have worked alst night. I saw this morning my dogs have a whole bunch all over them still.


Well of course they still have fleas. You washed the medication off!


Banfield also told me that First Shield was better than Frontline (which my dog has always used with no problems. Problems my dog had after using First Shield: severe itching, very labored breathing, muscle spasms, and he looks to be in so much discomfort.

I am pissed.

Not because of the money, but because this could have killed my dog! I'm on my way to Banfield now!


To Rachel,

Dawn does nothing to help prevent fleas. Flea eggs live in your carpet/couches/etc so once they hatch, they will jump on your dog again.

It's important to "break the flea life cycle" by applying a topical (or oral) flea prevention that lasts a whole month.

Plus you are missing a very important point - once the flea bites, it's already injecting its poisons in your pet and laying eggs. This is why you shouldn't just bathe in dawn periodically.


This is just a quick comment regarding getting rid of fleas. I don't bother to buy the "flea" shampoo...waste of money.

Buy Dawn dish soap....the fleas HATE it! They will be dropping off in the bath! I use it everytime I bath my puppy. I do use first shield as well...never had a problem with it.

But now that I've researched it, I'm thinking of changing. I'm a new puppy owner, so I'm learing along the way :) But I swear by the Dawn soap! And it doesn't irritate the skin either.

:) Hope this helps anyone trying to get rid of fleas! :)

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