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I started to write a complaint about the First Shield Product, and still will, for my dog and found your this website. I am glad I did. Now I can share my story about the First Shield product recommended and purchased at Banfield Hospital.

I applied First shield back in November and my poor dog had an adverse reaction. He was howling,screaming and rubbed his body feverishly on the floor. It was so sad. I called Banfield and they said wash his body.

The same symptoms continued the next day so I brought my dog to Banfield, whereby they shaved the area and prescribed a liquid to apply in the affected area. When I returned home, I put the medication on and the previous symptoms accelerated and had to return to Banfield. Banfield had to bathe him, administer a shot and prescribed a different cream medication plus benadryl. Needless to say , my dog failed to eat for a few days and refused to be handled.

Unfortunately I had to return to Banfield again because the symptoms continued. This time they found a bacterial infection in the shaved area and gave me a steroid spray. After a few days, my dog improved.

All this and I had to pay for his medication and once he was cured I paid handsomely for his grooming. Don't use First Shield and Banfield should not sell or recommend it. Thanks for listening.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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THANK YOU HEATHER. I'm glad some people have a little knowledge about that kind of stuff.

People seriously find the littlest things to complain about. I've personally used Firstshield and it worked fine.


Are you aware that dogs can have adverse reactions to ANYTHING?? The same could have happened with Frontline (as I have seen pets react to Frontline and Advantage as well).

Yes, you have to pay for medications to make your dog better. It is not Banfield's fault that YOUR dog is allergic to the product. It is not a bad product, it is simply an allergic reaction your pet had to it. Your dog can have the same reaction to vaccines, food, heck, even laundry detergent.

Is that the fault of the makers of the laundry detergent?? Should they then have to pay for your vet bill?? No, I didn't think so. If you are allergic to something, you have to pay for medications to treat it, why should it be any different for your dog?

Vets are REAL doctors who actually have to go through MORE schooling than a human doctor because they have to know multiple species. The human doctor only has to know one species, and usually, they don't know EVERYTHING about that species (humans). You go to different doctors depending on what is wrong. You go to a primary physician for basic stuff, but if x-rays need to be done, they send you to a radiologist.

A vet is the primary physician, the surgeon, the radiologist, the ENT, etc. Why do people not seem to understand that, and why do they think that vets are less than human doctors, and why do they think that vets should work for free or give everything away for free??

Vets really don't make that much money, most of it is used for equipment, medications, staff, etc. Well, that is the end of my venting.


forgot to mention the horrible stench it gave them. They smelled like crabs :x


My poor babys( 8 year old pittbill, and 1 year old Yorkie-poo)went through similiar reactions, but the vet did advise me to bathe them with dawn and then the oatmeal hydrating shampoo. It helped my boys and I will NEVER use First Shield Trio Again.

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