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I was convinced by Banfield to purchase First Shield applications for my Minature Pinscher. My dog has never had a flea or tick problem until I used this product.

I called them and made them aware of the problem and they said "well maybe you should use your old product. They would not give me my money back. I guess since K9 advantage is over the counter now they are not getting any kick backs so they are peddling a product that is usless. My dog has never had a tick on her but I have removed 3 since we began to use First Shield.

Cost to consumers for these product are great. This is terrible to force animals to suffer for the sake of a buck.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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They gave me this to rid my cat of fleas. It doesn't work! Plus it made my cat sick, he didn't move from

The couch for 2 days!


I had the same problem. Had the worst flea infestation ever with this product. Going back to Advantix which worked the best for my dog.


I have been using this product for several years and this is the only one that doesn't make my dog break out with a rash, it's always prevented fleas, tick, and other bites. We hike thru different states, heavily wooded areas, and it's been great.

And I have tried every other production the market, sprays, garlic powder, you name it. Nothing worked. frontline made him sick and he had a rash on his back, and of course Hartz is junk! I used a few other brands from my vet, no good.

One time I tried the ingestible pill and he hot sick. Jo more of that. This has been the only solution for me with no rash. He would be much more uncomfortable with fleas!

And so would I.


On the First Shield Trio box there is the following "Warning for humans and domesticated animals -- harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin."

Why then would anyone put this stuff on their pet's skin?


they come out with newer products because fleas & ticks esp fleas become immune to the older frequently used products front line for many has became useless against fleas & now they have approved the active ingredient in front line in other over the counter products dont waste your ,money plus you need a well rounded product that works against all life cycles of flea & ticks & repels them front line doesnt , & also 1 that keeps biting lice & mosquito's & flies off too fleas are a big problem & they do lie dormant the eggs for months & months until the rt temperatures occur & a good host walks by & they wake up hatch & jump on their new host dog cat humane ect & you now have a new flea infestation about to begin if you have fleas use cap star tabs & then a topical that repels & stops entire flea cycle read carefully do a search on all products avail , my aunt & i both used first shield from ban field about 3 yrs ago for 1st time & was very happy , we both have 3 dogs each , my aunt had been using front line for a long while & she lives out on 200 acres of farm land & wen she switched to first shield she was very happy i live in the city & my dogs live inside but i do use flea preventative because wen they go out side to potty they cld pick up fleas or ticks thankfully ive only had to worry about fleas for last several years not ticks you never want fleas in your house big headache by granddaughters other grand parents have bad flea infestation in their home yr round i dont like my grand daughter over their gets bites all over & wen she sleeps with them too dog sleeps with them , they have never bought topical flea medicine just wash dog ?? my dogs sleep with me but they dont have fleas & my 2 yr old grand daughter doesnt get any bites at my house either please look for best product for your pets & home but make sure it repels & kills all life cycles of fleas & make sure it kills eith fleas or fleas & ticks some do both some only fleas pay close attention you can look a grid that compares them all also check dog food advisor .com out about dog foods it tells every thing you ever need to no great site from the best foods to lowest quality foods we were very happy with first shield from banfield at pets mart i also like advantage 2 avantage multi ( protects against heart worms & intestinal worms too & fleas , & k9 advantix 2 all good


I came to this site to write the exact same complaint! we have multiple dogs and have always used FRONTLINE and NONE of my dogs have EVER had a flea or Tick.

I reluctantly switched to the BANFIELD brand trying to save some money and 3 months later I discovered huge ticks and Flea dirt on my dogs (meaning they have fleas too)!! I am so angry and now isntead of saving money I will have to invest A LOT more to rectify the problem. Banfield ONCE again refused to correct or even acknowledge the problem. I had a problem with them before and there is NO ONE to complain to about the Doctor you have a problem with!

I called the complaint line and the doctor of THAT clinic the one you have a complaint about is the one who does the follow up calls! How *** is that!! So, if you are mad at him this does not help you!

I am stuck there now for a year or until we pay off the balance owed! :(


We’re sorry that you are not happy with FirstShield. We firmly believe our private-label flea and tick preventive, FirstShield, is both safe and highly effective in protecting pets from external parasites.

FirstShield products are based on a new molecule – dinotefuran and also contain the potent Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) pyriproxyfen. IGR’s control the larvae, eggs and pharate pupae of the flea rendering them unable to develop and therefore they die. Dinotefuran and Pyriproxyfen are unique components to FirstShield. Clinical testing has proven that FirstShield kills fleas within two to six hours of application, compared to other products that take 12‐24 hours.

In addition, the Permethrin in FirstShield Trio provides the repellency that inhibits the feeding behavior of the flea while it is dying.

We firmly believe pet owners should consult their veterinarian before selecting and applying these medications to their pets. Please contact our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or if you would like to further discuss your concerns.

@Banfield Pet Hospital

I came to Banfield with flea questions and was recommended First Shield. I had used Frontline and Advantics on my other dog but for my Bischon I was not the product to use, it irritated his skin something awful he did nothing but writhe all night.

The technician helped me research the over the counter products and found some of the ingredients were not the same as the First Shield. I purchased the product a was very pleased. It took care of the fleas and he did not exhibit any skin irritation. My view is :Dogs are like people, there are no 2 alike.

Sometimes you have to use different things on different animals.

I like the First Shield. My only lament is where I live there is no Banfield locally and have to travel to find one.


You caught us! The jig is up!

Every time we see a pet with fleas, we all run over with our flea combs and scoop them up so we can spread them to other pets, MU HAHAHA!

But seriously, is your question a joke or are you for real? Let me address a number of things in your post. First, having fleas does not "ensure a repeat visit" as you implied, because you can get flea prevention over the counter from banfield.

Second, do you understand how fleas are spread at all? Flea eggs and pupae can lay dormant in the environment for months at a time. If your pet got fleas, it's probably because you didn't have it on flea control to begin with. Your pet can pick up fleas anywhere - on a walk, in your backyard, or even at Petsmart.

You can even track them inside yourself. For example, I once had a flea infestation in my apartment, even though I had an indoor only cat. I tracked them inside because I had to walk over the lawn outside where the neighbor's dog played. Contracting fleas is an inherent risk of taking your pet ANYWHERE.

It's your fault if you don't have your pet on flea prevention. I'm so sick of people blaming stores or vets for their pets contracting fleas. What do you think we do, sprinkle them on your pet as they walk in?

We do everything we can to prevent fleas, like disinfecting the rooms between every pet, mopping daily, and disinfecting every surface a pet touches. The simple fact of the matter is you need to be a responsible owner and put your pet on flea prevention.

lisa s

Did the vet or vet tech use a flea comb on your dog? How many days after your visit to the vet did your dog become infested?

I have asked the following question to any employees of Banfield.....Have you ever seen a vet or vet tech use a dirty flea comb to purposely infect a pet with fleas or flea eggs? Great way to ensure a repeat visit!

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