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First Shield Flea Medication sold by Banfield Pet Hospital in Pet Smart is poison. I do Not use Banfield as vet for my animals, but sometimes purchased Front line flea medication (for prevention) while shopping or having my animals groomed at Pet Smart. I had purchased Front line from them until this last visit. The Banfield receptionist informed me they no longer sold Front line, but carry a new "better" medication, that contained the same ingredient as Front line. She continued by saying the only difference was that First Shield is a faster acting medication with little to no side effect. LIAR!!Not only did I talk to the receptionist, but also spoke with a vet tech. who almost repeated "the exact" same information, so I purchased the product. Had I been aware that a company would sell a medication that would possible lead to such devastation side effects, I would have done my research. But again like I said, Banfield staff went out of their way to assure me and praise this product.

After putting the product on my cat, she began to rapidly run around the house. She jumped, rolled, and meowed, telling me their was something wrong. The product was burning her skin, I attempted to catch her to wash the product off, but she was in no mood to come near me after I had just put the medication on her that was causing pain. She quickly went under the bed and out of reach. Very lethargic, she would not come out. After a week of feeding her treats and catering her food and water, she eventually came out. The place where the First Shield had been put on "the base of the neck, I applied it correctly", it had burned her fur off and left a horrible scab. In an effort of trying to reach the burning, Muph Muph, my cat, had scratched around her neck profusely to the point she has no hair and horrible sores.

I took her immediately to my vet, where he had to look the product up, never hearing of it. He then told me that none of the ingredients in First Shield were in Front line, in fact he had never heard of the ingredient. He also said he found several claims where First Shield had caused serious skin burning and irritation, and in the worse cases death in pets. Muph Muph was given a shot of antibiotic, anti inflammatory, and steroid, resulting in a vet bill well over a hundred dollars. She is recovering SLOWLY and still hides under the bed the majority of the day. This product is dangerous and should be ripped from the market. Banfield should be ashamed for selling this product, not warning and lying to their customers. As for the company who makes the products "Vetpharm" sham on you for taking short cuts and not producing the cation necessary for this product. I have spent a lot of money at Pet Smart since they opened in my area, I love my animals, but I will NEVER step foot back into their store.

Do not even attempt to try this product, no matter what they say!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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The vet at Banfield sold me First Shield and my cat had a reaction: running around like crazy, stumbling, trembling, crying, etc. I took her to Banfield when they opened this morning.

They kept her there all day and gave her IVs, washed her off, etc. for a bill of $430. She was not much better than when I took her in and they told me to take her to a 24/7 pet hospital where they can watch her overnight....Another $500, half payable in advance. She is blind.

They don't know if she will recover.

How do I find out about any class action lawsuits?

I just now looked up First Shield when I got home. I had no idea it was toxic.


They have the solution for cats to; unless the company is false advertising.


They did the same to me at PetSmart Vet; with so many over the counter and a visit to the vet is so expensive I was convinced by PetVets customer service to buy FirstShield; well my cat was hipper ventilating and hiding from me, something he never did; after a few runs, I finally caught him and gave him a bath to remove the Firstshield from his body, he seems to be better; I will never buy this product again and hope it's removed from the market; I just blewv$49


Stop using flea and tick products that are chemically stronger then needed just because your vet suggests you purchase the product they want to sell you. Do some research as to the strength actually needed for treating fleas & ticks.

As opposed to over medicating with vet recommended chemical products. Pet stores have a variety of low cost products that will give the same protection as the expensive prescription flea and tick products have.


They are not "chemically stronger than needed". They are formulated for specific weights and sold based on weight.

Her vet also didn't recommend it seeing as she specifically said that she doesn't use Banfield as a vet.

Her pet had a rare reaction. Pets can have a reaction to anything. Reactions cannot be predicted and just because a pet had a reaction to a flea prevention, medication, vaccine etc doesn't mean it's a bad product. It just means that the pet is sensitive to an ingredient in it, and they should find a different product that works for them.

There's no one single prevention out there that will work for every pet.

I work at a vet office and have a few patients who have allergic reactions to tea tree oil and other natural things.

As for the cheap over the counter flea preventions from pet stores. You do realize that the cheaper the product is, the more likely your pet is to have a reaction? The otc cheap medications have some ingredients in them that do absolutely nothing. They aren't even on the label.

All it says is "other ingredients". Hartz brand specifically is known for making pets extremely sick, causing seizures and killing pets.


First shield is for dogs only. It says it on the packaging...I have been using it on my dogs since it came out and it works great on them.

My cat needs revolution, which is more than twice as much as the first shield.

Seems to me you thought you would save money by treating your cat with a dog medication. I feel bad that your cat was injured so badly, but before you condemn a business, you should give the whole story


I have in my hand a box of First Shield flea and tick medication for CATS. It is made for both but after reading several reviews the remaining vial is going in the trash. I've read enough to know I will never again use this on my cats.


They did sold me 2 FirstShield Cat/Kitten 0-8 pounds single dose and 1 First Shield trio 5-10lbs single dose for dogs.


Thanks for your story,I just want to add WARNING,WARNING,WARNING!!!!!!!! and hope pet lovers listen


so what are you using now


I bought a kitten from a lady who rescues pets. She was So adorable a long hair torte.

I had her a week and my FAMILY FELL IN LOVE WITH HER! Anyway we found a flee on her and the lady who sold her to me met me and gave me first shield for kittens, she said rub this in on her neck and it would kill any fleas, i did this and did research right after. Right after about a couple hours i washed this off of her. She seemed fine.

I was so thankful. Anyway the next morning she was different and started peeing on the couch, not eating and acting VERY tired. That morning at 3 a.m. she started meowing VERY loud (it woke me up)I went to check on her and she was crying hard she started flipping back and forth rapidly and her nose started running.

I called emergency clinic they advised me to give her a bath. I had already given her 3 other baths in the past and she is the only cat that has ever liked baths before until this time shw started meowing very loudly and biting me hard even leaving a bruise on my thumbnail. I finished and cuddled with her on the couch and she shortly died in my arms. It was very traumatic and sad.

DONT EVER BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! how can this product even be legal????



We put FirstShield on our labrador and our pug. While the pug got a serious skin reaction, the labador almost died.

Her skin began bleeding and she went into convulsions. Do not take your pets to Banfield Hospital

#645543 clearly aren't a "vet" because they make first shield for cats as well.


first shield is not for cats!, it says that on all sides of the box and banfield is not part of petsmart, maybe you should learn to read first :(


It is formulated for both cats and dogs, but the formulas are not interchangeable


Just found out that First Shield strips the varnish from wood furniture. Not happy about this at all...and I can't imagine this is good for my cat :(


My cat is having an adverse reaction to First Shield. He won't eat or drink.

All he does is sleep. All the vets tell you it is safe.

He is allergic to flea bites to scratches all the time, so the vet recommended treating him every three weeks with First Shield. That should kill him off quickly.


FYI First Shield is greasy I used it on my cat today and I am going to have to give him a bath tomorrow. I was just looking to see if it was water resistant for when I give him a bath but after reading this maybe I should give him a bath tonight. :?


first shield is for CATS also. Are you freakin that dumb.

OH wait yesss you are because you work for Banfield.

Hahahahah That just goes to show everyone how much of a joke Banfield really is. BEWARE!!!


Ds, I'm not entirely sure what Banfield you work for, but yours obviously doesn't carry the cat formula. Mine does. I can even tell you what color the box is. One is yellowish. One is green.

FirstShield Trio is the one that is sold for dogs only.

The cat above had an allergic reaction to the medication. I have been using FirstShield on my cats for months and have never had an issue with it burning my animals. If you look at some of the reviews for Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution, you will see that in some cases, ALL of them have had at least one cat that has reacted like this.

It doesn't mean all will.

You did a wonderful job by taking your cat into your vet for his reaction. And while it is completely understandable you would no longer wish to use or support Banfield, PetSmart is in no way affiliated with them. They are two different companies. The only tie between them is that Banfield is inside. They don't have the same management, and they do not carry the same products.

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