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We went to Banfield in Petsmart last Saturday to get flea medication for our 3 yr old cat. We told them we wanted the same thing we had used for our other cat in the past , but were told that they no longer sell it and proceeded to sell us First Shield.

We went home and prepared to give our kitten a treatment, but I looked up reviews on the product and lo and behold, there were several Horrible reviews about the product, some of them ending in the death of their precious pet. This is Banfield's own product and should be taken off of the market! We went to get our money back and told them why. They defended their product saying it was not harmful to cats, but they did refund our money...this one time, they said.

Good thing, or this review would have been even worse. We took our kitten to our own vet yesterday and showed her the brochure of the product, and she said she would not ever use this on a cat and sold us Revolution...without having to do a heartworm test, which Banfield claimed was necessary for them to sell Revolution to us when we asked. They were just trying to get more money out of us!

We will never trust Banfield with our precious kitten's care or well-being. Stay away from Banfield, or at least read all the reviews before you go there!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Doesn’t work well. I also got first sheild from benfield for my cat.

Started his treatment on the 2nd of July cleared most of the fleas , but he still had fleas when I took him to be groomed on the 20th of July .

Now it’s the 2nd of August and I’m still trying to find the fleas. He also has a pretty large Bald spot on the back of his neck and he also had anal leakage.Trying Vectra this time.


Revolution and First Shield have equally bad reviews as not all pets can have these medications. Banfield requires a heartworm test prior to issuing a heartworm prevention purely on the basis of covering their butts legally.

A heartworm prevention will not take care of an existing heartworm problem therefore they test for heartworm to ensure the pet can safely and effectively take the medication otherwise then the pet parents could later say banfield continued to see them heartworm prevention while their pet was dying of heartworms. Get it?


I prefer revolution for cats.

However, pets can have a reaction to any prevention or medication, it doesn't mean it's a bad product. It just means that pet is sensitive or allergic to an ingredient in that product.

You can find terrible reviews and pets who've had a reaction to pretty much EVERY single product on the market.

As for Revolution.

Revolution has heartworm prevention in it, therefore that makes it a prescription product only. The vet has to see your pet in order to get it, even if they've seen your other pets. That's not just banfield either.

If you use revolution for a dog, you HAVE to have a current heartworm test or the pet has to have been on heartworm prevention every month, and have had a test within a year. For cats, you don't necessarily need to heartworm test them first, but it's a good idea.


If your CAT is an indoor CAT. There is no reason for the CAT to even be on hart worm or flea and tick medications.

Both hart worm and fleas are a concern and contracted when a pet goes out doors. So if your CAT is an indoor CAT there is no reason to give or subject your INDOOR CAT unnecessary medications.


No reason to give your indoor cat heartworms prevention. Do you have a force field at your front door that keeps mosquitoes from coming inside?


Right....I've never been bitten by a mosquito inside my house. They don't know how to fly through doors or open windows.


If you don't know whay you are talking about please don't spread your ignorance.


Yeah... No...

My 2 boys are indoor cats but the roof leaked and the roofers brought them in and I'm still fighting them in my home. They got fleas from humsns bringing equipment in and out, so I'm treating at least until I clear up this infestation.


Not sure why Banfield would tell you a hart worm test was necessary when all you needed was a (non prescription) flea & tick medication. However, I will agree with you in your apprehension in using First Sheild on your cat.

In reading many reviews and complaints with regard to adverse reactions to both cats and dogs from using First Sheild. First Sheild is not a flea/tick product I'd trust or use on one of my pets.


The heartworm test would be needed for Revolution, which is for fleas ticks and heartworms.


Revolution is for fleas/heartworm. It is NOT labeled for ticks in the US.


They would say a Heartworm test is recommended because Revolution is a Heartworm preventative as well as flea preventative. Ideally a heartworm test should be done before using this product.

I don't think it legally has to be done or anything though, it is just recommended. Ultimately what product a private business chooses to sell to you is up to them.

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