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I called around today because we got a baby kitten who now is 3 months old. He brought in fleas to our home.

We have been giving them baths. The baths really wern't helping.I called around to many vet places. Two places told me they don't carry front line anymore and suggested First shield (vector). I went to bandfield and bought some for my three cats.

Put it on them and less the 1/2 hour all three kitties started racing around the house for about 10 minutes then proceeded to go under the bed and plop. I got them out and all three were very hot to touch and a wet and very warm nose. We emeditily washed the stuff off with cold water nothing else. We didn't want a cemicial reaction.

they are doing much better now cold noses and all. When I called I asked about side effects they told me there are none. The paper work I recieved doesn't have it on there either. the only side effects they have are for if ingested or get into eyes.

110% not happy with this product and worried if there going to be ok. an expencive mistake learned.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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Today, I took my cat to the vet for possible tapeworm and possible fleas, Banfield recommended FirstShield flea med and than when I brought my cat back home he started foaming at the mouth!!!

I'm giving you guys a warning that I don't endorse this product and that you should never let it touch ur pets skin! Potentially fatal!



Do not use this stuff! Banfield says they recommend it because it is the best.

It is not. It is their brand. They make money off of it. My cat started hypersalivating and the stuff does not even work.

Poor thing has fleas again with more than a week to go on the 30 days. I have used other stuff in the past with no side effects.

I used this stuff because she was already at the vet for repair of a surgery they screwed up. Not only would I not recommend their flea stuff, I would not recommend them either.


It's funny, really. One of my cats does great on Firstshield, but the other went all wonky when I put it on.

Did the same thing your kittens did. When I called my Banfield they said that the product sometimes tingles while it's drying, but sometimes a cat IS allergic to it! If a skin rash develops, wash the product off with dish soap and bring my cat in. Otherwise, she should calm down.

Sure enough, half an hour later, she was back to normal. We go through this every time now, with 30 minutes of crazy right after I put it on, and then she settles. Allergies happen, you can't blame Banfield or Firstshield for that!

Heck, I'm allergic to bananas! But I don't blame Chiquita!


Someone, I'm glad your pets were OK too. But I can't rinse with dawn dish soap.

My vet said there could be a chemical reaction. Banfield, I would like to say I have read 39 cases on here about first shield. and the product did the same thing to each and every pet. I'm sorry I don't want to see my pet suffer in any way.

The good news is Banfield refunded my money. Bad news is when I was getting my money back they lady (same person who sold me the product) didn't know if she gave me dog strenth or cat strenth. I'm sorry I refuse to take my pet to a place were the first immpression I get is they may have made a mistake. What happens if they may have made a mistake and killed my cat cause she got the wrong product.

I had to spend 93.00 at my vets office to get a shot and benedryl for her. because of here severe reaction. She will now be using revaluation from now on. My vet isn't even a 100% on this product either.

That there still in the testing phase. Vectra and First shield are the exact same product for others to know.


if that happeneds to any flea product you put on your animals bathe them

in dawn dish soap. it takes the product off.

but wow my cats do great on first shield. glad they are ok.


My cat is great on first shield its the other *** that does not work on him!


We're sorry to hear that your pet had an adverse reaction to the product. Banfield chose to recommend the FirstShieldâ„¢ line of products as our preferred preventive because of qualities such as a faster ability to kill fleas without needing them to *** the pet.

It also protects against a broader spectrum of parasites. There are several different types of flea preventives available on the market, and each one works in a slightly different manner. We feel that the decision on which flea or tick prevention is used should be a collaboration between you and your veterinarian, in order to help select the most appropriate product. As with many products applied to a pet’s skin, there is the potential for your pet to experience irritation during or after the application, although this and other reactions are not very common.

If you feel that your pet is experiencing irritation or a reaction to the product, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Please give your local Banfield a call if you have any questions or if we can help. To address any other specific concerns, call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.

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