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went to banfield and got flea drops for my 2 cats and my dog after giving the drops my cats have been sleeping alot for 2 days now and now my one kitty cant meow not sure if it is from the 1st shield i have been hearing alot about how bad it is and i am worried about my 2 kittys now called banifield and they say there is no reason that they should be like that they think they have a virus kind of funny when they were fine until i gave them the drops is there anything i can do or should i just see if they well get better in time

Product or Service Mentioned: Schuyler First Shield Trio Flea Control.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $48.

Preferred solution: give other options for flea drops.

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Did the person you talked to at Banfield, let the vet know? Was it the vet themselves who said it's fine?

I would make an appt for both cats to be examined and go from there. You should also call the first shield manufacturer and let them know.

Did you apply first shield trio to your dog? If you did, then it's possible that some of the dog one got on the cats.

Whether your cats rubbed against the dog, or if they laid in the spot your dog did before his/her prevention dried completely, it can get on them (if this is a possibility, seek vet treatment asap)

Which is extremely dangerous. Not just first shield, but any topical flea medication for dogs, is harmful to cats.

There's also a difference in the products. First shield is for cats, first shield trio is for dogs.

As I said, with any brand of topical dog flea prevention, it's extremely important that none, not even a tiny drop, gets on a cat. It can cause serious issues and can even be fatal.

When people have both cats and dogs, I suggest getting an oral flea prevention for the dog.

For cats, the only thing I use on them is Revolution. It's more expensive since it's for fleas and heartworm (not labeled for ticks. But covers the American dog tick off label ) and it's a prescription product only because of the heartworm prevention in it. You can only get it at a vet office and only if that vet has seen your pet.

Nobody here can tell you for sure what to do. I'm sure there's going to be comments saying how bad firstshield is. But the truth is, just because a pet has a reaction, doesn't mean it's a bad product. A pet can have a reaction to anything, even something natural.

There are horror stories about every prevention. I worked at banfield for 6yrs. I'm no longer there but when I was, I saw maybe 2 reactions to firstshield. Neither was terrible.

The location I was at actually didn't have the cat one in stock, because my two vets preferred revolution for the kitties.

Hope your kitties are okay. Please let me know what happens

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