Lodi, New Jersey

I am a little confused and nervous. I just gave my puppy a treatment of first shield and now my puppy is disoriented.

She just seems to be kicking back her legs and licking her paws and tail. She never acted like this until the treatment. I don't know what to do and I am scared. Did anyones pet have such a reaction to this med?

Does anyone have any recommendations of any kind to help in my situation?

I called the number on the pamphlet and they wanted to charge me $65 just to talk to someone. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a dog who is VERY allergic to fleas, they recommended first shield and their chew-able comfortis, this is the only thing that has EVER worked for my dog. As for the ticks the vet said that no product is 100% for ticks and it's important to check them often.

I know first shield is their product they have to endorse, but my vet explained all of the different ones to me and that they could all have different reactions to them.


To Barry, I have a Yorkie too and the directions in the box say to only put the medication on his neck not all the way down to the butt. With the medication on his butt he can get to it and ingest which mostly caused the vomiting.


I bought Firstshield trio from Banfield on Saturday and my dog has has a severe allergic reaction to it. He has been scratching frantically and is red/hives all over.

He has drawn blood to the surface of the skin on his neck, chest and sides. I had him at the vet yesterday and now need to take him back again as it is so bad.


I used First Sheild Trio on my 8 week old English Setter/Cocker Spaniel mix puppy a couple of days ago and it worked perfectly for him no fleas, ticks, sores, or him being lathagic. He's the same hyper, happy, healthy puppy he always was!


I bought first shield for the first time the other day because the vet convinced me that its better and actually repels. So I put it on my dog and not 5 days later, she came inside with 2 ticks on her!

(I usually see maybe 1 tick a year in my town)and she had 2 sucking her blood.

I have used frontline for 3 years and not once did I find a tick on her or in my house!!!!



If you stop and think you need to realize, like in HUMANS, animals can have allergic reactions to topical medications.

This is not the fault of the product or company but a rare unfortunate occurrence that can happen with ANY flea topical medication.

Try comfortis. No one is trying to kill anyone's puppy.


I put First shield on my 6 month yorkie and they told me to put it on back of neck and down to butt. I got home from work and she had vomited 16 times and 4 on the way to emergency which cost me $127.75.My puppie could have died.They had to put fluids back in to her. Everytime i go they do something to hurt my dog.


I used this on both my dogs and they have had serious skin conditions ever since. Their skin is coming off in sheets.

This was used in October and has not cleared up since. DO NOT USE.

I can see it maybe happening to one dog, but 2?

Have spent several hundreds of dollars trying to fix this, and there seems to be no end in site. I cant believe someone is actually selling something that will poison my pups!


You should speak with a vet. As with any product (medication of otherwise) there may be side affects and every pet is individual.

Same can be said of ANY topical flea medication including the *** they sell over the counter (ie.

Hartz, Sargents, etc.) Firstshield (which is essentially Vectra), Advantage and Frontline are SAFEST products on market! Don't forget, fleas transmit diseases, not only to pets but humans too!


Strange that there are no complaints about Frontline. Used it on my cat who is allergic to fleas after my private vet sold it to me, and it was useless.

My poor cat was covered in fleas and hives from the flea bites. Purchased Firstshield in desperation as my vets office claimed that I must be applying the Frontline incorrectly since it certainly couldn't be the product. Applied Firstshield after reading included literature that clearly stated side effects (similar to side effects associated with Frontline; come on people, it IS poison), and the fleas are gone.

Cat is much happier, and actually suffered no ill effects due directly to either topical flea treatment. Unfortunately, neither did the fleas when I used Frontline.


Don't put that stuff on your dog! Stop now!

My dog got hideous sores on his belly and he scratched himself obsessively. We foolishly gave him his second dose of the stuff, thinking his sores were allergies to the fleas.

They had been healing up nicely, but as soon as we gave him the First Shield, the sores opened and multiplied, and he began to scratch again. IF you want to keep your puppy alive, take her off of this now!


i dont know but id take your puppy into the place where you brought it and demand a refund as well ask them about this.

i know my dog is three and she hasnt stopped scratching since we put this product on her, its useless, i dont see any difference except its worse now since we used the product. no improvement whatsoever.

stick with advantage if you want a good flea product.

im not sure, but i dont think your meant to use first shield on puppies.

check with their website.


Get your puppy to a vet asap! First Shield Trio almost killed my redbone coonhound. This is nothing to mess with.

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