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I used this product on my yorkie and I'm very upset that I did. She has been scratching herself like crazy for almost a week.

The first two nights she was up all night. I took her to my vet because I got scared. I have been online looking at this product and there are so many cases of adverse reactions from using first shield trio. If you love your pet please do not use this on your pet.

Pass this important information on to everyone you know who has a pet! Please do not use first shield trio.

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I just rescued 2 dogs that have been going to Banfield for a couple of years. They were placed on First Shield and tested for Heartworm but not placed on Heartworm medication.

What is wrong with them. It seems that something is missing in assessment and treatment of dogs.

This is just not acceptable. Will be taking both for Heartworm tests hope they are OK.


EVERYTHING has adverse effects. You should not blame Banfield for things that are printed ON THE LABEL.

You probably didn't use it as instructed. Everything humans/animals use have the potential to have adverse reactions.


I have been using First Shield Trio on my Min-Pin for 3 years now, it is the only kind of flea and tick medicine that she uses. She has never had a problem with it at all!


A TOTAL SCAM GOING ON!!!! TWICE now, I have have been told that I cannot get a refill on heartworm medicine because either the time had elapsed between tests or because I never purchased the heart worm medicine at the time the heartworm test was done.

TOTAL LIES AND ***! Each time they claimed I didn't have any current medication on hand, I told them it was purchased right at their desk and from their company. They denied it saying I only bought flee medicine. I bought BOTH!

Why in God's name would I take my dog for a heartwork test simply for *** and giggles? Why would their system not show that I bought both flea *tic medicine AND heartwork medicine at the same time. This place is a racket and they know it. They wouldn't even allow me to talk to the doctor.

Oh no, they just want to keep taking my money for the monthly "wellness" *** that doesn't discount ANYTHING!. Racket, Racket, Racket!!!


I used First Shield on a rescue dog I had, who had 100+ ticks. In 1 weeks EVERY SINGLE TICK died & fell off.

No side effect...NOTHING. My vet recommended First Shield, but it was my choice to buy it.

People need to remember every dog is different, therefore every dog will have a different reaction. JUST LIKE HUMANS.


I used this product for 4 months and my dog got worms! I had never had this happen to any of my other dogs on other products before so I asked how it could happen if I had her on First Shield Trio for the past 4 months.

I was told she swallowed a mosquito. :cry


you are so *** lol

This product doesn't cause animals to "get worms". This product is not labeled as a antihelmintic.

Its uses are for fleas, ticks, and repel mosquitos. Please educate yourself because you sound ***.


for k9 fleas - Advantage or Frontline

k9 fleas and ticks - Advantix

feline fleas - Advantage

feline fleas and ear mites - Revolution

k9 HeartWorm - HeartGuard

feline Heartworm - Revolution

dont get pressured into getting a product that you dont want. Advantage is now OTC (over the counter). Banfeild stopped selling it and switched to their own brand when Bayer went OTC (cause Banfeild got their pantied in a bunch and fired Bayer then). Advantage and Frontline have been around a LONG time and are proven products.


Ijust use frist sheild on my dog and it worked just find he had no problem with it and it isn't anymore expensive than frontline or advangeII


I've used this product on my boxer pup for a year now, with no side effects, but my brother used it on his boxer pup and had side effects. Every dog is different and may experience different side effects. I can use it, but he can't.

Banfield P

We're sorry to hear that your Pet had an adverse reaction to the product. Banfield chose to recommend the FirstShieldâ„¢ line of products as our preferred preventive because of qualities such as a faster ability to kill fleas without needing them to *** the Pet.

It also protects against a broader spectrum of parasites. There are several different types of flea preventives available on the market, and each one works in a slightly different manner.

We feel that the decision on which flea or tick prevention is used should be a collaboration between you and your veterinarian, in order to help select the most appropriate product. As with many products applied to a Pet’s skin, there is the potential for your dog to experience irritation during or after the application, although this and other reactions are not very common.

If you feel that your Pet is experiencing irritation or a reaction to the product, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. Please gives us a call if you have any questions or if we can help.


I have used this on my labor-doodle for over a year with no side effects


I have used this on my dogs. They experienced no side effects. they are beagle mixes and 1 year old.

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