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GREAT PRODUCT IF YOUR TRYING TO KILL YOUR DOG!!! After reading most of the these reviews and withstanding our own personal experience with FirstShield Trio..

It brings tears to my eyes that so many pets have to suffer just so Banfield can make a buck. It been a year and he still has side affects from this ***. it's DISGUSTING how this poison is still being prescribing this for our pets. They had no compassion or sympathy for the situation, even letting the words come out of their mouth that "maybe you should put him to "down " if it his situation doesn't improve".

I won't go into detail but READ THESE REVIEWS FOR YOURSELF make your own judgment because your pet, your best friends LIFE is at could be at stake.

It's sad.. the ignorance of this company has lost the trust of so many loyalty customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Schuyler First Shield Trio Flea Control.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please e-mail me if you have an antidote to this? Our dog is suffering and I don't know what to do??

Here's my situation:I used First Shield Trio this past Sunday night, Nov.

26, 2017, on our 2 year old Australian Terrier.

The next day she had diarrhea and was behaving very strange. When I walked her outside she immediately went under the bushes and walked like she was rubbing against the foundation of our house. She walks about 5-10 feet and then starts spinning in circles biting at her tail.

We run together every day but now she can't run more then 20 feet without spinning around, biting at her tail, then immediately sitting down.

I took her to Banfield and the Vet checked her for flees. Expressed her anal glands, and treated her for a "sist" that suddenly appeared on her back. They prescribed her an antibiotic and sent us home.

Two days later she still had same symptoms and I took her back to Banfield (same Vet). This time they checked her again for flees.

Suggested I have her expressed again (I didn't) then they prescribe an anti-itch med and an anti-inflammatory. 24 hours later she's still not better. I started to question whether this Vet is really a doctor?

That led me to start googling this med and now I'm reading all these problems! Is there any treatment to help her?

My e-mail is

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