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as i was saying before FLEA SHIELD is useless, makes my dog scatch worse than ever, i also want to say that this product should be taken off the market. i feel strongly about this, because they are telling me at banfield that you shouldnt put your dog around your cat for 2hrs or your cat could get poisoned.

wtf, who sells a product that could put your cats in danger !!! this should be immediately taken off the market. there are *** people out there that will go home and ignore this.

if a cat should take up any of this flea shield she will become violently ill.

please petition to take flea shield off the market, write to them and tell them.

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PS its not called flea shield. haha People make me laugh.

Seriously.. Oh and speaking of typical Americans, I believe you fall in that category since all people try to do is complain about the smallest things when they have no clue!

I've used Firstshield and it works fine. If we took every product off market that ONE person had a problem with, you wouldn't have ANY products!


how childish telling me to grow up, your pathetic, get a life.

actually typical american...americans just know it all...ask the rest of the world, they'll tell you the same, americans think they know it all, that there always right and no im not american. oh and while im here i wanna say you americans need to learn to listen, thats right listen, you are quick enough to want us to listen to you but you dont want to listen to us, particularly on the phone. rude is what you americans are.


Advantix, not Advantage, is clearly labelled do not use on cats, as well as products like Comfortis which is an amazing FDA oral flea preventative and my preferred flea control. In both FirstShield and Advantix, the tick repellant/killer is what is toxic to cats. As Advantage does not have that tick chemical, it is safe around cats (but not a direct application!)

I also used FirstShield in the past. I didn't like it due to the large amount of product that needed to be applied, similar to why I didn't like other topicals on the market. It sounds like your puppy had a neurological reaction to one of the active ingredients, and you should have your veterinary put on file that any product containing those active ingredients cause that. Proper response is to use a soap-based shampoo (a lot of puppy shampoos now are soap free) to bathe the kid, take him to a vet, and then contact FirstShield. I know from experience that they will happily refund the money if you returned the unused products and they want to know about such reactions.

Also ozpunk, anonymous was correct. You just misread the product. Attacking someone because you disagree is weak.


oh wow write anonymous, talk about me grow up, you can't even print your name, oh hang on you must be someone who works for banfield or has something to do with this product.

and by the way no you dont have to keep your cat away from your dog when you put advantage on your dog. first shield says you have to keep them away for 2hrs, the cat cant even touch something like a blanket that the dog has rolled in if they just got first shield put on them.

the first shield product needs to dry first before the cat can mix with the dog, it takes about 2hrs.




Maybe you should do your research before you go telling people what they should and shouldn't do. Firstshield and similar products like Advantix, are all dangerous for cats because they have a chemical in it that kills ticks.

People are told this when they buy these products, its written on the box and the instruction sheet inside and on the label they put on the medication. There are plenty of things sold OTC everyday that can only be used dogs, cats, or other species and they all come with warnings too. Should they not sell dog and cat food in the same store because if one eats the others food they can get sick?

Should we not sell dog and cat shampoos/vitamins/treats/toys at the same store because they all can pose a hazard to the other species. Grow Up!

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