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I had purchased a cheap flea treatment in March for my dog that she has a bad itching reaction to. I took her to Banfield and they said she had a slight ear infection and proceeded to give me a prescription to fix this issue.

I gave her a few baths, continued to do benadryl so it finally went away. Went to Banfield on Saturday for her yearly and they gave me First Shield. I put it on her on Sunday and all night Sunday and all day Monday she has been shaking her head and rubbing her face in the blanket. I called this morning to Banfield and was told that they have never heard of this type of reaction to First Shield.

Then I read online that it can be a side effect?

Can this injure my dog or create breathing problems or swelling like an allergic reaction will? I'm very MAD that now I have a 4 pack of First Shield that I spent $54 on and can't return.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $54.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Inability to help.

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The majority of flea and tick topical treatments are oil based along with the other chemicals the manufacturer uses in their particular product. Its not at all uncommon for a pet to have an allergic reaction to certain chemical and or oil based topical products just as humans can have an allergic reaction to certain products, chemicals, oils etc they use on their skin.

Hopefully the irritation will clear up quickly without further symptoms of discomfort for your pet. Perhaps giving your pet a bath using a very mild OTC pet shampoo may help?


Several complaints in here about reactions to First Shield flea protection. Itching, skin burns, flaking & hair loss/bald spots.

Sounds like First Shield is a little on the strong side and can cause issues after application. However, flea & tick topical applied products are oil based and there's always a chance a pet can have a reaction no matter what brand is used.

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