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THE BANFIELD EXPERIENCE HAS FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE. First of all you must know my fur baby was everything to me.

My baby meant more to me than just a fur baby. He was the first one to ever show me unconditional love, he was the one that made me feel like I had a purpose, he was the one that showed me that i was deserving of love, he was the one that helped me feel happiness, hope, joy, laughter and simple pleasures in life. And because of his years of those things, I know it was because of him I was able to come from a very dysfunctional and abusive life and was to pull myself up and become the #4 Realtor in the entire country. But that was short lived.

As one morning after his regular vet had closed shop I was forced to take him to Banfield. Looking back on it now I remember my gut screaming at me not to leave him there, but there were no other options available. Keep in mind I would take him to the vet or a specialist in the drop of a hat if I remotely thought something was wrong with him. Because of the life he gave me I was always a nervous parent if I thought anything could be wrong with him.

Just ask my husband, I interviewed numerous people before leaving him with anyone, our entire home inside and out was outfitted just for his needs and wants, his treats were organic fruits and vegetables. His meals were vet inspired homemade organic non GMO hand prepared with love 3 times a day at home, daily walks, trips to the dog park, weekly presents from his favorite dog boutique, a stylist that would come to the house every three weeks and I even was known to cut vacations short at luxurious resorts for myself if I had the slightest notion he wasn't getting the ultimate care. So when there wasn't another option that regretful day. I proceeded with Banfields care.

Little did I know that regretful day would turn out to be a kidney failure death sentence. And just a few short months later on January 6, 2018 at 6:05 PM I lost my baby and part of my pain was I know he wasn't ready to leave me but was forced too. And now on September 27th, 2019 my grief from losing him has taken me from being the #4 Realtor in the country to not working at all, having numerous health problems myself, losing my husband and I'm 2 days away from being homeless. I knew in my heart he wouldn't be with me forever and I knew that pain was going to be awful but when you combine that pain with the pain of knowing it wasn't his time to go, well that pain and grief has paralyzed my life.

For the littlest of details were never left unturned when it came to his care. Truth be told I took better care of him than I did my husband, better care than I gave myself. And one of the most sickening things to come of this is they tried to blame me and to this day they still dont even remember his or my name. Darby, my love I cry for you every day and the pain if your loss hurts more today than the day you were taken from me.

And I can't wait to see you again. Love your Daddy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: The death of my baby.

Monetary Loss: $666666.

Preferred solution: Making sure no one else ever goes to Banfield.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Death sentence they gave me.

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