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The Wellness plan is offered to new clients who go to Banfield for their pets so called free first visit/check up. This is when the receptionist mentions the Wellness plan.

The front desk person also tells the NEW client they will need to sign up for the Wellness plan PRIOR to receiving their pets FREE exam in order to receive any future discounts and free office visits. The new client free pet exam offer is just promotional marketing tactic to get the pet parent and their pet into a Banfield clinic with the hope and intentions Banfield will get you to sign up for the pet Wellness plan.

Needless to say, your so called FREE pet exam will most likely end up costing you well over $400.00 before you leave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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First off, no I don't work for banfield. I did for 6yrs, but I don't anymore.

The receptionist should only be going over the plan.

They should never sign a pet up until the doctor has examined the pet. Since its a wellness plan, a 1yr contract and not insurance, they need to make sure the pet is healthy enough for the plan.

If a receptionist told you that you had to sign up on the plan before going in the room and if you didn't, then you couldn't sign up, you need to contact the manager at that location and/or the client advocate team at the corporate office. That is not okay

Having said that, nobody can force you into signing up. If someone signs up, that is their choice.

They don't put a gun to your head.

If someone came in for a free exam, I would go over the plan (I was both a receptionist and a vet tech), and if they chose not to sign up, I wouldn't talk about it further. I always explained everything about the plan, including the cancellation policy, even if a pet passes away. I also went over the auto renewing, what is and isn't covered.

If someone didn't sign up, I would let them know if they changed their mind, to come back within 72hrs and anything they paid the day of the free visit, that would have been included in the plan, would go towards the membership fee and first mo payment. They usually got money back.

I never forced someone into a plan. If they told me no, that's it.

If they didn't sign up, that was fine with me. The plan isn't for everyone.


I agree with you! That's just a pissed off consumer trying to add false information to about Banfield because he was unhappy with something.

And you def. do not have to pay $400 up front! I think the most I paid for the premium plan the first time was $70. For 70$ my baby got heart worm meds and flea and tick meds for 6 months.

He got all his shots and then came back a few weeks later to get the rest and then continued to get all his shots on the correct timeline. My Husband and I paid under $40 a month.

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