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Just called customer service and got NOWHERE!!! WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!!!!

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I have the Optimum Wellness plan for my 6 month old dog. I was told the total cost for the spay,etc would be about 20 dollars for take home pain medication.

They called DURING surgery to let me know it was actually 200 dollars. They charged me 80 for the take home pain medication and added on other costs as well. I was told there was an additional charge of 58 dollars because she was in preheat and they used "special instrumentaion". Then they wanted 80 for antibiotics as well.

They also tried to sell me sedation but I said NO!! I had waited 2 more weeks to get her spayed based on their recommendation. At least I am not paying the premuim out of my pocket. My friend that gave the dog to me is stuck with that cost.

I will NEVER go back. I got my other dog and cat neutered for the same amount combined as this one spay is costing me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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What pain medication costs $80? I used to work for Banfield and you would have to get a lot of rimadyl and metacam in order to rack up $80. Sounds pretty exaggerated.


Even with human medical insurance, the after care and anesthesia, pain medication, and instruments are NOT covered by the plan. ONLY the surgery itself.

WHY would you think differently? Because it is a dog insurance??


What kind of health insurance do you have? It would cover everything except meds you take home. If the plan for a pet does not cover this then they have to tell you before the surgery.


Be informed of your own rights. Depending on the state you are in you should have the right to request a written prescription for medications such as antibiotics/pain control, which would then mean that you could get these medications cheaper online (i.e 1-800-PETMEDS) or from a human pharmacy if they are able to get those specific drugs for you.

It is up to you to know that though because no/very few vets will willingly loose any income by sending a client elsewhere to get medications (it's a business, not a charity remember).

Also please understand that a pet being in-heat mean that the uterus is more engorged/bleeds more & is more delicate therefore taking them longer to do the surgery safely. In that extra time with your pet they are loosing money from other pets they could be seeing, so yes, in-heat pets get charged more because of the extra time it takes.


If the vet recommended waiting 2 weeks then she should be able to dispute the extra charges because 2 weeks prior the pet would not have been in preheat.

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