Charleston, South Carolina

Took my new cat for a "free wellness exam', had a grupon that stated the same. Was told "No" we were not eligible because "it was not our first visit there".

We have a dog that has been on the wellness plan for 4 years there. Told we had to pay $154.00 for cat. will never go to the summerville store for anything!!!!!!!!! I had verified this appointment prior to making it and told them i had a grupon.

We usually go to West Ashley banfield. Never had any problems there and they care more about the animal than the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

  • banfield summerville sc -- scammer
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Why didn't you refuse services and just go somewhere else instead of paying? Don't they go over prices before doing anything?


The groupon clearly states "first time clients only."