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After using Banfields First Shiels Trio the first month neither of my dogs showed any adverse reactions. But, the second month my 9 lb shih tzu began acting crazy.

The side effects didnt start until the day after is medication was applied, she was unble to stay still and would *** and jump while tossing her head. We were up all nigt with her !The skin where the First Shiels was applied was bright red and irratated. I gave her a bath in Dawn dishwashing soap as advised by the vet at Banfield, as it cuts through the oily base of the medication.I was advised not to give Benedryl, in hind sight I wish we had given her Benedryl. With still no relief, we applied Aquaphor Adanced Therapy healing ointment to the ares the inflamed, and saw an immediate relief.

We comtinued to aply avery few four hours or s for the remainder of the day. Happy to say she is fine. Just wanted you to find the solution faster than we did.

Hope this helps. Mo

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I have to say that my two Chihuahuas are experiencing strange side effects from this medication as well. The male is walking strangly and constantly motioning toward his tail and rear where he cannot reach (as applicated per instructions).

It's almost like he's lost some sensitivity to his left leg, I'm hoping its not a nerve damage type thing but who knows with a topical application. Also, his sister seemed to be doing something similar without the strange numb-leg walking.

She does motion toward the application near her hind end as well though. I took the male back to Banfield and had his glands expressed but that did not remedy this...If his symptoms keep up I'm going to aggressively persue having Banfield do a full work up on him with xrays and all on their bill.

Banfield P

We're sorry to hear that your pet had an adverse reaction to the product. Banfield chose to recommend the FirstShieldâ„¢ line of products as our preferred preventive because of qualities such as a faster ability to kill fleas without needing them to *** the pet.

It also protects against a broader spectrum of parasites. There are several different types of flea preventives available on the market, and each one works in a slightly different manner.

As with many products applied to a pet’s skin, there is the potential for your dog to experience irritation during or after the application, although this and other reactions are not very common. We urge all client who feel that their pet is experiencing irritation or a reaction a product to contact their doctor as soon as possible.

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