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My Standard Schnauzer had cancer at 8 years old and only had from 6mos. to a year to live and giving a rabies shot is unadvisable because it supresses the immune system.

Shots of any kind are not advisable when a pet has cancer. The vet gave the shot at Banfield Clinic and I changed vets and this vet said "Why did they give your dog a rabies shot, it's not good for an already immune supressed system." I will never go back there and they also recommended pain pills that cost a lot of money.

The other vet that I like helped more with her pain and the pills were only $4 for a 2 month's supply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Amanda, wow. Again, another employee that needs a discussion with her field director.

I am appalled yet again. I am now seeing why people think banfield employees are rude. Just looking on this site, there are many that need a good lesson in Client handling. And I suggest to you, to go get your DVM behind your name before spouting off to a client about food being healthy, annual dentals and remember that some cancers are genetic, and no matter HOW good of a pet parent they are, Cancer can still hit home.

Vets are human. They do make mistakes. They are not perfect. And there are some cancers that can have vaccines.

I cannot even begin to speak about the clinic or veterinarian that the original complaint is being spoken about. More likely there was possible confusion of the type of cancer, a vet that may have read other research stating that it is "Ok", etc. Dealing with young and old vets, I see a great wide span of information that conflicts. Which is why some vets will say one thing, other vets will say another.

This happens between private practices and within a single practice too.

It is actually very educational to listen to an older vet and a new fresh vet go at it over information that new research has come out on. Which has helped made me be the worse client in the world for any vet, let alone the vets I work with.


To Sam thank you for your nice comment; you're a person who has brains and feelings unlike Amanda.


To Amanda first of all I did tell the vet at Banfield that my dog had cancer and she was the one who decided to give her the rabies shot. I wasn't sure if this was good to do but she gave it anyways.

As far as the dog's teeth go they were immaculate; I brushed her teeth every other day. One vet said when she was 6 years old that he never seen a dog at that age with such good clean teeth.

The pain pills that were prescribed were not effective against bladder cancer; the vet I have now prescribed the correct pain pills for this type of cancer which were piroxicam.

She ate quality dog food as well as some healthy choice people food. The cancer just happened not due to anything I did. Why do they make dog food that's not good for your dog? As consumers we depend on the manufacturer to sell a high quality product that's not harmful to our pets or at least we think they are.

I took the best care for my dog; walks seven days a week, car rides, parks, doggie supermarkets, relatives homes, groomer every 9 weeks; I loved my dog and would do anything for her.

When the end came she bled out of her nose and mouth and it wouldn't stop because her blood wouldn't clot; blood was everywhere and I tried to stop it but couldn't due to her condition. It wasn't her fault or mine for her having cancer.


This must have been a painful experience for you., Also the comment made by the person who works for Banfield is very rude and unprofessional, not to mention heartless. How can one blame a peson for her dog developing cancer?

This is like a parent being blamed for their child developing cancer.

Just curious, does Banfiled offer continuing education for their employees? If so please sign Amanda up, perhaps they can teach her common sense.


I work at banfield.

First off... why in the heck would u consider getting him the vaccine if he had cancer?

and secondly if you educated the doctor about ur dog haveing cancer, im absolutley positive he/she would not have given your dog the vaccine. The are LICENSED professionals just like your family doctor.

And the pain pills were probably one of the best things the doctor could have prescribed for you. maybe if u would have taken care of your pet through out his life, making sure he got annual dentals, ALL of his vaccines, and fed him food that was actually healthy for him not $12 bags of food, he would'nt have cancer.

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