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I am so unhappy with the service provided to my dog at the Banfield in North Attleboro. My visit lasted 2 hrs and 15 min most of which was waiting in a small room with doors slamming around us.

We sat in teh waiting area for 15 minutes before anyone even came out of the back room to ask our name. Fortunately my dog is calm because I can't imagine otherwise. Most of the exam was completed by a vet tec. For a yearly well visit, they wanted us to do so many tests.

They biopsied a small lump on his undercarriage. The area was not cleaned before the needle was inserted or after but the next day I was phoned 2 times to purchase an antibiotic for 95.00. The biopsy was neg. My dog was diagnosed with an ear infection to my surprise.

They never told me which one so I later called to find out it was both. I was sold almost 60.00 in medication to treat them. I brought him elsewhere the next day to have them checked to find he had no ear infection. I had always had a lyme test but none was given but he was vaccinated.

A heartworm test was given and I assume it was negative although nothing was said. They wanted to do tests on my dog from an incident of eating chocolate 4 years ago. They felt it was important to check his organs(are you kidding me?). I felt like a poor parent picking and choosing what to have done because if I hadn't, the cost would have been huge.

As it was, it cost 350.00 without heartworm medication. I had thought I would try Banfield but it is close and convenient.

Lesson well learned. I will drive the 20 minutes to my vet and cut my loses on a poor excuse for a vet center.I frequent Petsmart for purchasing and grooming and I don't see this as a positive reflection on their store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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1. petowner, consider yourself still lucky, you didn't get a fake positive like they gave my dog.

Banfield is EVIL


uhh yea, i hate it when ppl respond with such backward answers, duh she knows blood test is important, however, banfield takes advantage of pet owners and that is NOT OK! quit sticking up for greedy people


It is always a good idea to do bloodwork. It's a good idea to do it on yourself.

It catches stuff before it GETS WORSE!! The reason they asked to do bloodwork was because they care!! what a concept. sure it's expensive, but think about it.

The plans are called wellness plans, and are PREVENTIVE CARE plans. NOT insurance. it doesn't say insurance anywhere on the brochure. The wellness plans are there to catch things early.

Not to treat them when they get sick. So the next time someone asks to do bloodwork maybe do it and catch something before it's too late.

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