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Our dog Bella was found to have an ear infection when she went into the kennel at Pectco in Maple Grove, MN. We used the Banfield Veterinary Services at their store. The veterinarian looked her over and prescribed medication.

While we were gone on vacation, the Petco staff at the kennel noticed her in severe pain huddled in a corner of her stall. Petco contacted us by cell phone, and let us know there was a problem. We gave them the okay to bring her back to the vet.

They brought her back to Banfield Veterinary services to be looked at again. They found out that the veterinarian had prescribed the wrong medicine making our dog severely ill and in much pain. They had to prescribe new medication for the ear infection, plus pain medication for our dog.

On top of that, we were charged for the second visit even though we argued that if Bella had been diagnosed and given the right medicine the first time, we never would have had to have her go back to them again.

We were very disappointed and angry with their service. And very unhappy and hurt that our dog had to be in such pain, huddled in a corner, without us there to be there with her. Thank heavens for the wonderful staff at the Petco Kennel!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Petsmart you mean . Petco doesn't have a kennal?????


what meds were given the 1st time

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