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Perhaps I'm a bit picky as to a vets or vet assistant that's performing an exam on one of my dogs. However, I have a few issues concerning the overall medical education Banfield vet tech's have. Are the vet tech's required to have some kind of formal medical training and be a certified graduate from a licensed vet assistant program?

As for Banfields Puppy Wellness plan. The overall cost of just under $500.00 leaves a bit to be desired considering the plans very LIMITED coverage. With that said, many other pet insurance providers offer much more comprehensive plans including surgical, dental, X-Ray that follow the puppy through adulthood. Whereas Banfields puppy wellness plan is limited to their Banfield vet facility services only and covers basic puppy shots, spaying and neutering.

Other pet insurance providers coverage's allow you to take your pet to a vet of your choice, including an emergency animal treatment facility included with some plans that offer a much broader spectrum of medical care and less up front out of pocket expense. Do your research if your looking for pet health insurance, especially if you want long term pet health insurance coverage that will provide the general care needed as well unexpected medical and emergency care throughout your pets life time. i.e. cancer treatment, bladder infections/kidney stones, tumor removal, fracture's, blood work, X-Rays etc. and or unexpected major surgical procedures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: limited medical service's and coverage..

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Very poor and under qualified.

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The wellness plan is NOT insurance. It's a preventive care package.

There is no licensing for a vet assistant.

Only RVT (Registered Vet Tech) go through schooling and get licensed. There is a school for vet assistants, but it's actually a waste of money and you learn more on the job. You also don't get a license with the vet assistant school, just a certificate of completion.

Banfield hires both RVT and VA.

Vet assistants may not have schooling, but we are on the job trained and go through very thorough training.

Also, a license doesn't mean they are good. I know a ton of RVT (non banfield) who are terrible, but know a ton of vet assistants (both banfield and non banfield) who are phenomenal.

Someone who isn't licensed but had years of experience is going to know more than someone right out of school. Especially if said person has like 5-10yrs experience or more.

Hope that answers your question.

Totally just realized, after I wrote all this, that this post is about a year old. My bad lol


They aren't insurance. Read the second page of your agreement. They are packages of preventive care.


100% get actual pet insurance. It will cost about the same pet month and covers MUCH more. The wellness plans are very limited and the hospitals are often too busy to see pets that actually get sick so you end up having to go somewhere else anyway.

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