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I am a vet tech and have many years experience in the vet field. I have read many pointless complaints about Banfield. Most of the complaints in cost and possible harm to pets.

Everyone wants to complain about cost. Well do you see me writing a complaint about the price of gas to the various gas companies.

Vet supplies are getting expensive so do you want us to become creeper and stop getting up to date diagnosis equipment and tools so we can stay cheep. Do you want the employees have to work for free and not get continuing education to keep up with their skills to fix your pets. Nothing is free. So cost is not a valid complaint people.

As for pets being misdiagnosed and harm, have you as a consumer done research on basic pet care, shop around for vets and recommendations vets make. Also read before signing anything and ask questions before signing. That goes for anything in life.

Do you give the vet complete history of illness? Do you see the vet in a timely manner when your pet has diarrhea or vomiting. I know we get calls from owners stating that their pet has had diarrhea for 2 weeks and they waited to call us because they think it will pass. But would you wait to go to the doctor if you had diarrhea or vomiting for 2 weeks. No you would not. So people get real and put some of the blame on yourselves. Give us credit that we do know what we are doing. Stop reading various articles on health on the internet. Because most of the staff at vet hospitals have the same amount of schooling as w/ human doctors and nurses and then some sense humans are only 1 species. They did not one day decide to read something on the internet and became in expert overnight.

If you have lost a furry child I am sorry for your lose but please grieve first before posting bad reviews or conclusions on the blogs and do not assume, because it looks bad for everyone. Animals and humans can have allergic reaction to medications and vaccinations no one knows who will have them and who will not.

Last note to everyone who leaves spelling errors "spell check".

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I brought in a very healthy 5 year old beagle.we had just opted out of the plan we had been part of due to feeling it was excessive. We literally had a week left in the plan and we should have waited until the last minute.

As part of the "plan" we had to receive one last vaccinations. I noticed my dog immediately become sick and so I brought him back in the next day they said don't worry- a day later we knew we had a bad f'd up situation on our hands. They said they don't specialize in sick dogs and sent us to VCA where they set up a plan of 4-6 k dollars to try to save him. I will never forgive This company- never again trust a national chain- and your jawing nonsense about money has nothing to do with it.

You guys kill pets its that simple.

that was my take away at least- you can reason away or debate all day but too many pets are dying from Banfield pet hospital NATIONWIDE. Don't excuse an obvious problem


Why can't Banfield just charge you what needs to be done. Instead of what doesn't need to be done.

I love my dog and I will do what I can. Banfield quoted a blood test for $400.00 to do a teeth cleaning. Why do I need all those fees? I took my dog to another Vet.

And their price was $33.00 for the blood test. Why the major Price difference. That blood test that banfield was offering, it was for several tests on my dog that he didn't need nor could I afford. All my dog need was tooth extractions and teeth cleaning.

For 7 pulled teeth the other vet only charged me $166.00. Compare that to Banfield. Somethings very wrong here and I think that Banfield should be Exposed for who they are. I have all the paperwork from all the vets I went to.

I can show you the major difference here. WHY?


I agree Lori. I have an Associates not a certification only.

I also work as both an EMT and PCT part time and have a Technical Diploma.

So I work on animals and people. As a Tech I do Foleys, IVs, and sterile dressing changes without a degree so my Vet Tech Degree is beyond what I have to work on people.


I thought that humans were all one, In your writing you presume that there are more than one specie in humans. We as humans are all homosapiens.

Judging by your article you must be a company person. Let me inform you that in a human hospital, we do not train people with G.E.D's to perform procedures on humans. They are all college graduates. We do some cross training in the hospitals.

Some of your DPN's aren't even CVT's.

Yes, since Banfield is just basically for wellness, I don't see why people even take their pets their on an emergency basis. Your pet wellness plans are great. I take my pets in and they are out.

If the physician or anyone else says they need and I don't see an immediate need I will take them to their regular vet which I trust and sometimes the services were not needed and at times they were. I must say that as a pet owner one must verse themselves and educate themselves in veterinary medicine or you will be taken for a ride by any clinic or vet, not just Banfield.


Agreed, but YOU should use "spell check" as well , perhaps a grammer check too? :grin


I fully understand. My hospital I work for does a lot of charity work for the shelters and rescues. Also many pets are taken to the shelters because they are too much for people to care for.


I fully agree with you, All I have to say, "IF YOU DECIDE YOU WANT A PET BE ABLE TO AFFORD THAT PET, NO PET IS FREE". Ive seen to many pets be put down because something happen to the pet and they could not afford it. And that is heart breaking.

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