Arlington, Texas

I have 2 pets on wellness plans at Banfield, and I make sure to use all the services offered. As it was explained to me, the plan is not intended to be an accident/illness plan, but rather it is for healthy pets to be used for preventive care.

However, at least the office visit is waived for sick visits if you have the plan. Some vets are better than others, for sure. This is true for any place. I actually was at a private practice before my 2 years with Banfield.

I actually paid more at the private practice over the course of a year than I do at Banfield. One thing I suggest...ask your vet if there is a generic drug available or if s/he can write you a prescription for a cheaper alternative.

I had a really good vet who would often write me a prescription and recommend buying a generic at a pharmacy (some drugs are the same for humans and pets, some are specific to animals).

I guess my complaint about some of the comments on this site is this...if you don't want to spend any money on your pet, then don't get one. Dogs, like humans, need periodic medical care.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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