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We recently got our second dog a 6 week old border collie. Our first dog we had taken to a regular vet and we couldn't have been happier with the service it was well just you know pricey. We take our dog to Petsmart for training and they mentioned that a Banfield was opening up at this location (S Signal Butte Rd, Mesa, AZ). After looking over the plans and the proximity to our apartment we decided that it wasn't a bad idea to try for at least the first year. For those of you who don't know Banfield has you pay a down payment for a service plan. These plans cover the first year of shots and neutering. They cost around $250 a year and then you pay $25 a month so you're paying $550 bucks. Now first year puppy shots can cost much more than that so it sounded great.

Now because the first place wasn't open we had to go to a different one to sing up. We went and signed up at (Hampton Ave, Mesa, AZ) this was a run down Petsmart that didn't make a great first impressions. The staff was unfriendly, unhelpful and difficult to communicate with. When we met the doctor we asked her several easy questions about the dogs health (I say several it was about 4). Not a single one was answered. She kept saying that shed let us know or look into it. To us this wasn't a big deal at first people forget things all the time. At the conclusion of the visit I was shocked to see the bill was still rather large not as large as the regular vet mind you but I don't have to pay $250 a year plus $25 a month to see them. When I inquired about it they said that this was to cover the things that are not covered by the plan. I was a little upset but maybe it was a one time deal.

Well for our next trip we went to the new store (S Signal Butte Rd, Mesa). It was much nicer than the other one but thats it. We started to get our dogs shots. When they went over the list of shots they were giving him on top of the ones I already paid for he was getting 3 or four that were not covered and that I had never heard of before.

For example they insisted that he get an antihistamine shot. I asked why? they went on and on about how important for the dog it is to not have an adverse reaction to the shots. In my head I thought my other dog never got that but okay they are the professionals. In the end we paid almost $100 for the additional shots and a Guardia test. We had several questions again and were treated the same as the other store. At check out we found out that the other location had entered my name and the dogs name incorrectly and we had to be reentered into the system. This of course resulted in us getting double charged latter.

Our third visit three weeks later and I was getting tired of this place. Lucky I think this is our last visit before he gets neutered and I'll be done with this place. They never answer our questions make us get shots that aren't necessary and we aren't even saving that much money. The vet tech comes in and asks how is everything? I told her its good but that we changed the dogs food so his *** is a little watery. She say okay takes his temp and leaves. The doctor comes in and says she wont give him the shot because the *** maybe due to something else. They want to run several tests. Now I'm pissed I only came in here to get the shots nothing else. I tell her again that we just changed the food around and she says that it may be Guardia. To this I say flat out no its not. He got tested when we took him home he got tested three weeks ago both negative. She insists that she cant give him the shots until its ruled out. $40 and a negative Guardia test later we have to make a new appointment after he takes the unnecessary medication that they insists is need thats another $100 trip that should have cost nothing.

At this point I will sum it up. They make you pay extra on top of paying for the plan and monthly charge. They do not answer any questions and never call with test results. The savings aren't that great once you add in all the extra charges. I know that after the neutering I am going back to my other vet. They feel like a walmart of vets sure you may save some money but everything else ***. I will also never get any service from this Petsmart as well. I am very upset by the fact that they would allow such an unethical, uncaring company move in with them. Avoid if at all possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Today I had my last poor service from this clinic. (Signal Butte & Baseline) The folks who work there are totally clueless as to customer service.

As I waited out front, a woman stood right behind the glass window eating a sandwich and ignoring me. (This was about noon today.) I went to the front and asked a Petsmart employee if it was their lunch break and he said no, they were open. I asked him to call back there and tell them that there's a customer waiting and he said he couldn't do that, Banfield is a separate company and he didn't know the phone number. I headed back and knocked on the door just as the Petsmart manager came back and did the same.

That's when the man from the front came back and said they 'were doing a procedure' - how he knew that when he didn't have their phone number was beyond me - and what kind of procedure is eating a sandwich? This is not the first time I've had poor service at this location, but it was the last.

I'll not be using this Petsmart any longer, either. I do not recommend this location at all.


The "contracts" or "wellness programs" are a choice. As is returning.

Speak up and ask questions... Every vet hospital I've been to (not just banfield) throws medical terms at you and makes you feel very small... its your choice to speak up and ask questions... they make you FEEL like you HAVE to do some stuff, but in the end its YOUR say on what goes on or not.

You go to them for services, its your choice to do those services or not. Going to Doctors and vets suck.... But you always gotta keep in mind that you went to them for a reason and you have a voice....

USE IT..... JUST sayin


After reading all these I have cancelled my appointment to set my little one up on the Banfield program. Glad to have seen this site. Thanks :roll


btw, Banfield The Pet Hospital: You should already have their information cause 99% have already called your service hotline with a complaint. Use your records and figure it out


to Banfield The Pet Hospital. Instead of sending prepopulated generic replies to client complaints on this website, why don't you try to call them!!!!!

I've seen many form letters exactly like this one. Instead of telling the client to call you, you should be calling them.

Banfield P


We are very sorry to hear that your experience with Banfield has left you feeling this way. We want our client relationships to feel like partnerships, and we certainly do not want you to feel we are providing unnecessary care. Additionally, we want you to feel welcome to ask questions and learn from your vet. We apologize that you did not feel comfortable doing this. Please know that we have noted your comments, but please also feel free to call our client advocate team to discuss your experience. The number is 877-500-2288.

Thank you for your feedback.


Just another quick thought, get an estimate prior to checking your dog in. You've already experienced issues in the past with unexpected fees so don't walk into this with blindfolds on. Know the cost and know what you will be responsible for in the event that your plan doesn't cover everything!


Just a thought, would you let that doctor do surgery on you? Do you feel confident enough with the doctors and technicians that will be responsible for caring for your pet while it is under anesthesia?

If you do, then I would have them do the surgery, if not I would check with some of your friends that have pets and see if they have any other recommendations about doctors in the area. Please go with your gut.

If you do go back there for the neuter, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be very specific about what your pet is there for and what should or should not be done. He's there to be neutered.

Do you want your pet microchipped if its not already done? Let them know all these things ahead of time. Is he having any issues, vomitting, diarrhea, etc.

Just cover your bases.

Best of Luck to you and please do check out some of the local privately owned vets in the area. Word of mouth can be a great thing!


You know we've talked about that a lot at this point and while we are a bit concerned its just a neutering and less invasive then a spay... Like I said I am a little concerned but I think it will be okay...

As someone who works in the field what do you think?

Funny story we had gone for his booster shoots and set up the appointment for the neutering we then were talking to a friend and shopping around... All of a sudden there in front of us is the receptionist... She says "oh do you need any copies of your paperwork today?" I'm like "no." "okay" she says.

She seems kind of nervous too... She goes on to ask "us to verify the day we wanted the surgery?" she gets the time and day wrong so we fix that...

Then she asks if its a spay... I'm like no its to get him neuter it doesn't say male anywhere in his file?


These are my thoughts on big corporation veterinary care:

1. People pay upfront for wellness contracts that they cannot get out of, therefore there's always going to be clients walking in the front door to spend money. No need to have any really doctor patient relationship. You can provide lackluster care and lose clients but there will always be someone new walking in the door to spend money.

2. Many of the vets are new grads thrown into a situation where there are no mentors to show them how things should really be done. They are working on commission and following guidelines set forth by a corporation not a person. They don't own the hospital and never will. They'll never be a part owner or full owner, so what do they care.

3. Although a privately owned vet hospital can be a bit more expensive for care, at least you're not locked in to any contract. If you don't feel comfortable with the vet you can always find someone new and not feel that you've totally lost your shirt with prepaid fees.

I work in a private practice and I can't tell you how many times I hear complaints much like your own. We have many clients that try out places like Banfield and then end up coming back cause of poor client/patient care. Not to mention the clients that have their vaccines done at places like that, but continue to visit us when their pet is sick because they don't trust these places to adequately care for their pet in a serious situation.

By the way, I know you've paid for it, but do you honestly feel comfortable with this person doing surgery on your pet? If it were you, would you let them do it.


Well I guess you get what you pay for... :grin

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