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I had made appointment to take my dog in for appointment. Unfortunate I made the appointment on the phone.

When I got the Banfield, Eastvale, Ca. I was told the doctor could not take my dog because she was too busy with another dog. I had my dying dog in my car. I took her to a regular!

veterinarian not in a pet store and he dropped what he was doing and gave my dying dog a shot finish her dying. This hospital in eastvale needs to be sued.

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If you had a regular veterinarian, why didn't you go there in the first place? If it was an emergency, why are you making an appt instead of going to an emergency pet hospital?

Maybe the vet at Banfield was already working on another emergency or very sick pet. Did you expect her to just stop treatment on that pet? I fail to see how they need to be sued, all because the doctor was working on another pet and couldn't see yours.

Let's say the doctor was working on your pet in an emergency & they stopped to go help another pet. I bet you'd be pretty pissed off that they stopped working on your pet (and especially if something happened to your pet because of it) to go see another pet.

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