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I have a dog under their Puppy Early Care Plus plan. I received a letter informing that the heart worm preventive WORM SHIELD was recalled and that my pet may not be protected from heart worm disease.

The letter states that it is crucial for him to be brought in for heart worm testing. Several months prior to this letter after asking questions concerning WORM SHIELD I also choose to purchase WORM SHIELD for my other pet that was not under contract. I explained that now my other pet was also at risk, they remembered my asking questions - my vet for this dog was very picky about heart worm medication manufactures. They did agree to test both dogs at no cost over the phone.

When I then came in a couple days later to have the testing done - I had to explain the situation over again - the vet Dr Natabotu did the testing and both thankfully were negative. He then tried to tell me that Bug my non-contracted dog needed annual shots - he had no way of knowing this - I explained I was researching some other possible veterinary options and declined any further services. I then asked about them needing a follow up test in 6 months, he said no further testing was needed, I said that somewhere I had heard they should be tested again in 6 months. When I went to check out they tried to bill $40 for a physical exam - I explained there was to be no charge and that there was NO PHYSICAL EXAM done, the only thing I noticed was he lifted the lips of Reggie the contracted dog.

They said that was the exam, I said excuse me I'm not paying for 2 seconds of something I didn't request. Then when I got home I reviewed the paperwork I was given that said Congratulations! Your pets - ears, heart, rectum, mouth/nose, abdomen, lungs.... appear to be normal.

This is completely unethical to document such, when NO EXAM was done. Plus while I was checking out, I reread the letter that Banfield had sent, that said your pet should be brought in 6 months for a 2nd heart worm test - I pointed this out to the clerk she said she was unaware of that just like the vet. It is beyond me how possibly after exposing my pets and many others pets to such risk that they don't even take it serious enough to know what they themselves/Banfield say needs to be done to make sure my loved family member is protected. The reporting of a physical exam that was never done is totally unethical and not knowing what follow up is needed to fully protect your pet is grossly negligant.

I will go back to a veterinarian office where you see the same vet that has a personal relationship with you and truly cares about the health of my pet. I have never written a review in my life that wasn't super quick - which are always the ones where you had received outstanding service or a product - tells you how offended I am!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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