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For the past 2 years, we have had a wellness plan for our dog Susie. Not surprising, that plan has proved adequate for basic preventive care (routine checkups, teeth cleaning, etc).

However, the hospital frequently tends to recommend unnecessary and optional upgrades for a healthy pet. Today however, we had a bad scare when 4 year old Susie had sudden muscle contractions that temporarily immobilized her. My wife immediately called our Banfield affiliate to schedule an emergency visit. The receptionist conferred with the doctor and to my disbelief recommended taking her to an emergency vet clinic since it was almost time for them to leave for the day.

In the past when emergency issues have come up, we have received prompt assistance and empathy from other local veterinary services. Sadly, today's experience has left a negative impression with me. Since there is obviously little value in a Banfield Wellness Plan, my wife immediately cancelled the remainder of our service contract.

I will NEVER utilize Banfield's services again. I WILL absolutely convey to all of my friends how little Banfield cares about providing quality care for their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Onsite employees.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: High cost for noncovered services, Very poor and under qualified.

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Most vet services will recommend going to the 24/7 vet hospital for after hour treatment and even say so on the phone when you call them after hours. No big deal. You can not expect your vet to provide 24/7 treatment.


I'm surprised to hear that you were able to cancel the remaining services, when my daughter tried to cancel her services after she no longer owned a dog/pet. It was explained that the package was $400 and that's why she had to keep the package, but if you no longer have a pet why would that person continue to pay out the $40 per month charge? I can agree that, I sign up for a package, receive my first set of services, but four months later I no longer have a pet, shouldn't the months I've paid out cover what services I have already received for the pet?


Because its not insurance and they aren't charging for services that the pet hasn't already recieved.


You've gone into the clinic and used office visits, vaccines, deworming, fecal exam, comprehensive exam, and a dental cleaning.

Now let's say you've only paid 4mo worth of payments which would roughly be $160 depending on where you are.

Cost for services w/o the plan and discount on the plan

Office visits $35-$50 per visit, depending on where you live.

Vaccines $18-$35 per vaccine. Deworming $15 Fecal Exam $45 Dental cleaning under anesthesia is roughly $300 Bloodwork alone without the dental is around $150 So you've paid 4mo worth of payments which is roughly $160 but you've used over $800 worth of services.


I forgot to add. You sign a 1yr contract.

It states if you cancel the plan before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or services you've already used (at cost, no plan discount ) whichever is cheaper.

If you get a 2yr cell phone contact. You want to cancel after the first year.

They charge a cancellation fee.

The wellness plan, as I said, isn't insurance. It's a preventive care package.

I hope that my explanation clears up your confusion.


I had the same situation and am surprised too. I was told that they were only going to charge me the amount equal to what we received in January right before my pet died.

(He was diabetic and the Banfield Hospital gave him his yearly immunizations. He was feeling lethargic and wouldn't eat. We were advised not to give him his insulin "but try to get him to take some Benedryl.." WHAT??? he wouldn't eat his food or drink but I'm gonna get Benedryl in him?

That weekend we had to take him to an emergency care because he went into a diabetic seizure and eventually passed away.

I called the Insurance company and they told me they would take out the $45 until March and the bill for January would be paid. I look at my MAY STATEMENT....they took out another $45!!!

We've lost 2 cats and one dog due to the rotating doctors (many young and inexperienced) and what we believe was a botched surgery. It is convenient that they are open weekends and early morning for a drop off, but not at the expense of my animals and to get kick backs on insurance premiums for animals that no long exist.


You do realize that Banfield hospitals are small, understaffed & in no way equipt to handle emergencies...right? They don't have after-hours care, they have the supplies to do basic things but not much fancy diagnostic equipment and no specialists, their staff is not ever allowed to go into overtime (or managers & DVM's can be written up or fired) so they have to leave at the end of the shift, meaning if you come at closing time there will be no staff allowed to stay there anyway.

They HAVE to close at a certain time at night because PetSmart locks them out. They cannot stay late with an ER case if PetSmart needs to shut so, no exceptions.

That is why they referred to to an ER, which was the medically correct thing to do. I'm not really sure what your complaint even is?


I'm sorry to say I agree with Banfields decision telling you to get your dog to an emergency pet care facility. The so called muscle spasms you noticed your dog having may have a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Perhaps a mild stroke, seizure, spinal injury?

In any event I hope you took Banfields advice and took you dog to a emergency pet care facility. Banfield does not have the diagnostic equipment that may be necessary to use in order to properly diagnose your dogs sudden medical condition.


Banfield is set up for some minor emergencies but they do not have the equipment for major emergencies.

It was almost closing. You have no idea if they still had sick pets there that were being seen or if they had another emergency come in.

Also being close to closing does not give them the time they need to properly assess the dog and do treatment.

Your pet had an emergency. That is, after all, what EMERGENCY hospitals are for.


Wow, they wanted you to take your emergency to an emergency clinic? Imagine that.

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