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I have 3 animals on Banfield's plans (3 dogs). At first, I loved them so much and then got very worried and concerned after about a year with them. Banfield only cares about money-- not about animals. Every time I walk into that place to give my animals the care and shots they need, they try to shove more financial burdens down my throat. After today, I will discontinue all 3 plans for my dogs. I am highly pissed and upset with them. Today was a routine BOOSTER for one animal, rabies/distemper & Bordadella for another, and another animal. My dog Flash had his annual shots about a month ago and while being on the phone today, I confirmed again when I would be there to get his booster. I asked for an estimate in case I had to pay and the lady quoted me for the diphahydrene shot (anti reaction shot) ($22.00). I went in and I was told, since Flash didn't come back in two weeks, all of his annual shots expired and I had to RE- get him all the shots all over again. I was pissed, so pissed. They then told me since I only had 2 for the year, I would have to pay the expenses out of pocket. It ran to be 86 dollars. I was blown away. I left and went to get a second opinion. The two private vets I went to WAS SHOCKED and asked me "WHY IS YOUR ADULT DOG GETTING BOOSTERS?" They told me that my dog should not be getting boosters?!

Then prior to this, I got a call once Flash was in his adult plan asking of I wanted to get his teeth cleaned. I thought this was great until they told me it was about 200 bucks and my dog would be put under at just almost two years old. I thought that was too ify and scary. Another private vet said it would be INSANE to let a 2 year old animal to get his teeth cleaned and put under?!

I am so pissed with Banfield, I am leaving tomorrow. I can't stand their corporate lies and their greediness for money!

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Hi 523036 - Thank you for letting us know about your Situation at our Kansas City Hospital. We strive to provide quality medical care, and we’d like to discuss your experience to find opportunities for improvement. Could you please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com so we can work to avoid this Situation from occurring in the future?

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager

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