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I have been coming to Banfield for 3 years now and have not had a problem until now. My baby dog was was put on Trifixa for ticks and fleas.

It was not working I bought extra products to help her but didnt think that was right for me to do. I then called the Millbrook rd, Raleigh store and they told me I would get a refund but to get in touch with the Greenville, Nc store because that is where I first purchased it. I did get in contact with them once I did they told me the supervisor was going to contact me that day or the next. About 3 days later never recieved a called back so I called them again then was told that she was actually working at multiple stores and they had no idea when she was going to be in and also couldnt let a message for me.

Then told me corporate would be able to take care of it then was transfered to corporate and was told they couldnt do anything about it only the supervisor could so then transfered me to make a formal complaint. Then the next day recieved a call from the head vet tech at the Greenville store telling me they could not do anything for me.

I demanded I wanted to speak to the supervisor cause was told numerous times that I would be recieving a refund and I am still waiting for someone to give me my refund like I was promised. Very unprofessional of them and I will be cancel my contract with them and never coming back to them.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $111.

Preferred solution: Full refund and free cancelation of my plan.

  • horrible staff
  • worst company
  • Never Do Business With
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Trifexis does not prevent against ticks.

It's for fleas, heartworm, and other intestinal parasites.

Did you treat your house and yard as well as the dog?

If not, that's your problem.

If there's an infestation, just treating the pet won't work.

Also, if there's an infestation it can take a couple months to completely get rid of it, as fleas have multiple life cycles.

If you don't treat your yard and house and continually (not just once) use the prevention, no prevention out there will work.


I also forgot to add, do NOT use any other type of prevention unless it's been 30 days since you gave the trifexis. You can overdose your pet, which can be extremely harmful and even fatal.

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