Kansas City, Missouri
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I wish I had read your comment before I allowed banfield to give my baby this horrible stuff. She is miserable.

She's can't sleep because of all the itching this stuff caused. She even walking curved. I dont know if its because her back inches or if there some nerve damage. I took her back to banfield and they said they couldn't find anything wrong and that maybe the reason why she's walking that way is because of arthritis.

She didn't walk this way before she was treated by you!!! I've given my baby 3 baths with dawn dish soap within two days of taking this stuff and given her children benadryl nuthing helps long term. Since I'm new to Kansas City I dont have a vet that I trust. I will be driving to Tennessee to our pervious vet to get her checked out by vets we trust and her aren't just out for money like banfield.

They only thing that working for my baby is me constantly scratching and rubbing her back.

This stuff should not be give to dogs under 10pounds. I have a 6 pound teacup poodle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Schuyler First Shield Trio Flea Control.

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