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Our dear dog was on this plan for over 3 years, when he began acting out of character at 7 years (lab retriever) we took him in, Banfield said he was ok, but he wasn't, we brought him back in and ended up having to put him down. Banfield has since informed us that we are liable to pay 10 months of his wellness plan (allegedly an annual contractual commitment) even though our dog is not with us (deceased). This is disgusting, ridiculous behavior and I would never recommend this company to anyone who loves their dog.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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It very clearly states in the contract terms if the animal is lost in any way (runs away, dies, given away) you are required to either pay the remaining payments for the year, or the non discounted value of services used on the plan so far that year, whichever option is cheaper. I’m very sorry your baby has passed, that is terrible, but the contract is solid


I believe all of you people who reply to these messages as {anonymous) are probably employees of BANFIELD and therefore all ways seem to take their side.


Just because someone disagrees with you, does not mean they work for Banfield. I USED to work for Banfield (I am not the original commenter).

I was fired from them for literally made up reasons. So I definitely am not a fan of them. HOWEVER, that being said, the original commenter is correct. The wellness plan is NOT pet insurance.

It is a WELLNESS plan. When a pet passes away or is given away before the 1yr contract is up, you either pay the remaining months you owe OR you pay for the services on the plan that you have already used. WHICHEVER IS CHEAPER. So if they are having you pay the remainder of the months that you owe, that means the amount of services you have used is MORE than the remainder of the months that you owe.

The reason for this is the services included in the plan, add up to more than the entire year of the plan of you paid out of pocket not on the plan. So let's say that at the time the pet was given away or passed away, you had used $500 worth of services, but have only paid for 2 months of the plan. Depending on the level plan you are on, you have only paid around $150 but have used $500 worth of services.

They deserve to be paid for the services they have provided. AGAIN, IT IS NOT INSURANCE.

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