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Long story. I moved here from the midwest where I had very intellectually, sound, competent vets. I took my dog to petsmart to buy treats and I saw the banfield office in the back of northway mall, which the store is located in. My dog needed shots and a general checkup. He was wisked off behind the scenes and i was never told anything, just handed a bill. They never even put me in a room.This was odd, but i just thought it was a one time experience.....THe characters working there ranged from brain dead to useless to uncaring. How could anyone finish school and act like they did. Larry, Moe and Curly is the sum of these peoples demeanor.

I had not found a really good vet in Pittsburgh yet so when my cats eye was injured and tearing, i used them again (BAD MISTAKE) since my job has me working 7 days a week and banfield is open later.

I saw this dr whose name was Mohammed (first or last name?) He had little to say, then said that he wasnt qualified to treat this problem and sent me to another clinic.WTF????

So my wife took her into another really nice facility that we found out about through word of mouth and they simply performed an eye stain and voila said her cornea was mildly scratched. I told them about my experience with Banfield and they said they were getting many referrals of the kind,.that everyone came to them from bad experiences with that particular banfield.. WOW, and to think my cats problem was so easily treated.

I didnt even go back to banfield to complain. I feel like my $87 loss was well worth it because it led me elsewhere.

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"Mohammed,said that he wasnt qualified to treat this problem and sent me to another clinic"

LOL, eye stain is a very difficult, risky, and technical procedure that should only be performed by licensed veterinarians

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