Cleveland, Ohio

I have read through a lot of reviews on here and I dont get it, I love my banfield. I go to the one in livonia MI and I have been to about 4 other vets and I feel so comfortable and safe with them. I can tell they actually care about my animals and I dont feel like they are in it just for the money.

I love the receptionist she is great and the vet techs and vets are amazing too. My one cat had to be sedated because he does not do well at the vet and I felt so bad because he was trying to *** them but they made me feel comfortable about it and told me it happens often.

I think their wellness plans are amazing all the pretenvitive things they check for are something I would not be able to afford for all of my animals if I had to pay upfront and I feel safe knowing they are checked out for things they might not show symptoms for.

I will be moving this year and I hope I can find another banfield like mine I cant say enough good things about them. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Ash, read your contract. As it states, and as all Vet Techs, DVMS, receptionists, etc are trained to say "This is a year's contract If your pet runs away, you give them away, or they pass away, you are responsible for the remaining monthly payments or the retail value of the services rendered, whichever is LESS."


All of this may be true with your particular vet(s)...until your pet passes away and Banfield continues to withdraw from your bank account, not allowing you to cancel or transfer the account to another pet.

That is the catch that I must now live with. I hope that you don't get totally screwed in the future like the majority of us clients have been.


And I have in fact, brought my pet in when something was wrong with him. My Banfield gave me options.

The lady said we can run all these diagnostics, OR...we can do this since we saw this in his fecal sample and see what happens.

The latter was less expensive. I chose it and my pet is perfectly fine if not 100% two days later.


You are one of the ONLY people I have met that have had a GOOD experience with Banfield. It would ALSO appear that one of your pets have gone in them for something WRONG with it... I have had NOTHING but bad experiences with the Poorly trained, poorly staffed vet clinic

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