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as to what I am reading about Banfield. I work there and all this is crazy.

Dog dying after surgery? We do routine blood work, if anything is slightly funny we wont do a surgery. If our doctors have no idea what wrong with your pet, they will tell you and send you to a specialist. We are a preventative care practice!

We strive to make sure they are fixed, vaccinated, and clear of heartworms, ticks, fleas and worms. We do not really do major surgeries, besides foreign body surgery and even then doctors are not comfortable doing them unless its something small.

In my opinion it all depends on the hospital, the one I work at is great!! Our nurses and doctors do everything possible to make sure your pet leaves happy and healthy. If we think a prescription is to much under us we write a prescription to get it cheaper else where.

People really need to to look at the hospitals around you. I drive an hour to work at the one I am at. Everyone there has degrees or certificates from a school. There are other banfields around me, but they have horrible reviews.

Do your research!! If you dont want to do a plan and want to fork out $400 up front go right ahead we dont pressure you. We strive to make sure our customers are happy before they walk out of our hospital! So all I can say is do your research on your hospital.

I did mine before I started working there, and found nothing but great things about my hospital and horrible things of others.

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at least you admit your an employee. Kudos on that point.

the reviews here seem to be overwhelmingly about the poor or lack of treatment of our beloved pets. The wellness plan in my opinion is a joke 16 pages of tests that didn't match the vets tests after Banfield didn't respond to an emergency in Bellingham MA after I called ahead! hate them looking into a class action suit as suggested on this site. The collections dept they turned my account over to for 174 dollars is a joke with my 823 credit score, Experian is working on removing it anyway....

read away. 1300 bad reviews on this site.

glad I found it. and I will search out more sites of the same nature.

Banfield P

Hi car0linaa - Thanks for taking the time to write this review. After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to address your concerns.

Could you please call our Associate Relations Line at 503-922-5153 or email ARTeam(at)banfield(dot)net? We look forward to hearing from you.


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