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I sent this to the Pa Broad recently

October 23rd, 2014

I am moving to Israel and bringing my wonderful loving loyal dachshund “Baby” with me. I brought her into the Banfield Pet Hospital first on September 24, 2014 and saw Dr. Kellerman who my Baby was all over her, kissing her and bonding with her new vet. I knew what I needed for the move since I use to fill out these forms for my late husband Jordan M. Miller VMD at the Bainbridge Animal Hospital 647 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia Pa 17034.

After he died we had taken Baby to a Vet in Florida who gave her several 3 year Rabies Vaccines and she was due for another one before our adventure to Israel.

I needed a Rabies Certificate Form 51 which is acceptable throughout the world and is a standardized form. I had made my appointment with Dr. Kellerman and when I went to Banfield I waited there for 2 hours before Baby was seen for her Titer Rabies Test. It wasn’t Dr. Kellerman but a Dr. RaRa who Baby took a complete dislike to. I began explaining to him I needed a form 51 and he rudely said to me he never heard of that Rabies Form. I am sorry but I only worked for my husband Jordan M. Miller VMD since 1977 to 2003 and I filled out many forms 50 and then it was changed to form 51. These forms are needed to make reservations for the pets for airline travel and international travel is much stricter then domestic travel. I asked for the form and basically he told me I was crazy and didn’t know what I was talking about. The 2nd red flag was I was told a different thing than what Dr. Kellerman told me. He told me Baby has a heart murmer and won’t last the air flight. She will die. Now I look at her paws and her belly but there was no expiration marks on her saying when she is going to die nor did he give me what grade that this mummer was and when I got home I listened with my stethoscope and heard a normal beat . A healthy heart, there are only two sounds heard – sort of a lub-dub – and they should be clearly audible, not muffled or difficult to pick up. The two sounds should have uniform loudness (the 'lub' isn't louder than the 'dub' or vice versa), and a regular rhythm. She did not have a Lub or the Dub louder than the other.

My next red flag was the filling out of the form 51. I need 3 original copies and each copy I was handed was totally different from the 1st copy and it had to be signed by the doctor who initially gave the vaccine which it wasn’t. When I looked at the form 51 they checked off that the manufactured 3 year licensed Rabies Vaccine was a 1 year shot. There is another space on the form for when they want to revaccinate her but she is not going back to them since she will be living in Israel. The Israeli Government is only interested in how long the vaccine was going to last not how long they want to over vaccinate a 12 year old dog who could get lung abscess in the lungs if over vaccinated as written in the AHHA and AVMA journals. I have kept up with my studies and attended major conventions.

The Defensor 3 is a licensed 3 year vaccine and has to be written that way on a form 51 or that this Rabies Certificate is considered not valid. Also as I said I needed 3 in blue or purple ink originals not black which if they had used the carbonless copy they won’t have made the mistakes that they did which alters each Certificate. 3 form 51 enclosed along with the Banfield Rabies Certificate which is not accepted in Israel.

According to the Rabies Law in Pennsylvania Chapter 16 Rabies Prevention and Control Subchapter C Section16.43 Revaccination

A dog or cat over 3 months of age shall be vaccinated to maintain immunity against rabies by the administration of a USDA licensed vaccine, including vaccines producing Immunity lasting 3 years, in accordance with instructions prescribed by the manufacturer.

1. A dog or cat vaccinated when UNDER 1 (one) YEAR shall be revaccinated no later than 1 (one) year later.

2. A dog or cat vaccinated when OVER 1 (one) YEAR with a vaccine producing immunity lasting 3 (three) years shall be revaccinated no later than 3 (three) years and at least every 3 (three) years thereafter.

Baby is 12 years old and that Banfield issued a 1 year licensure on a 3 year licensure vaccine.

I paid for the certificate of vaccination and her Rabies titter Now I question this Pet Hospital over there policy vs their examinations and qualifications.

I am wondering how many people were told that their pets were going to die in 3 months and were put to sleep because of misdiagnoses. I take writing up a complaint against another Vet very seriously because my husband was accused by animal activist falsely. But this is not a false complaint and I have the Rabies Certificate which I am enclosing and of both Banfield and the copies of the 3 form 51 which was signed and never checked.

Also as I said that we are leaving at the end of December 2014 and I was handed a health Certificate after I explained it 3 times the end of December.

When I mentioned the Airline El Al this doctor RARA said “who’s El Al”. It made me feel he was anti-Israel especially telling me my Baby was going to die on her way to Israel. His exact words were “when you open the cage you will find a dead dog”

This doctor RARA berated me, tried to make me look ***.

Also to add to this instead of the doctor taking blood for the Rabies titter in front of me, shaving the leg, he took blood from an artery in the neck in the back in a back room. They didn’t shave the hair in the area of the Juggler Artery were they took blood which I found to be unsanitary and not very clean. I could not find the needle mark or any blood in that area. I am not even sure they took blood and I was charged for it. There is always a needle mark or some oozing of blood. When I examined her neck she generally is sensitive to the touch at the injection site. Now he placed the microchip in her back and she is sensitive there.

October 24th, 2014

I received a call today at approximate 10am from a Dr Fitzgerald the Chief of Staff. I was still angry at how I was lied to by the staff of 1. The cost of the visit when it should have been a revisit. 2 the fact that I did not fine a injection spot on Baby’s neck and therefore I do not believe a test was taken, 3 they refused to give me the name of the Lab this blood titer was sent to. The only lab that was found on the net was Kanas State University in and their fees are the following:

FAVN-Rabies Antibody for Export Serum (1-2ml) All Animals $85.00 more...

RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Endpoint Serum (1-2ml) Humans and All Animals $65.00 more...

RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Screen Serum (1-2ml) Humans and All Animals $40.00 more...

Where Banfield obtained a $350 fee for a Lab test is almost 300% of the actual cost.

Banfield Pet Hospital continues to commit fraud to other clients with the practice of giving a 3 year licensed vaccination to other 1year and older pets with stating it’s a one year vaccination. The public depends and is in total dependency on the honesty of the Vets and the Vet Asst. in this practice to be forth coming.

Section 21. Grounds for Disciplinary Proceedings

(4) Fraud, deception, misrepresentation, dishonest or illegal practices in

or connected with the practice of veterinary medicine.

One doctor at the practice states Baby had no heart murmur and the other doctor states she has a Grade 2/6 heart murmur without an EKG and without evidence to back him up.

Confusion has arisen over the position of the point of maximal intensity (PMI) of sounds associated with the different valve areas. The point at which sounds are loudest does not correspond accurately with the anatomical position of the valves because sounds have to be transmitted to the body surface to be heard. Systolic sounds associated with the AV valves are best heard towards the apex beat area because they are transmitted by the stiff ventricular wall to the point at which it touches the chest wall. However, external anatomical landmarks are a rough guide to the location of underlying cardiac structures. The mitral valve area is located in the fourth or fifth intercostal space on the left side of the chest just dorsal to the level of the olecranon. The aortic valve area is located in the fourth intercostal space on the left side of the chest just below the point of the shoulder. To hear sounds in this area, the stethoscope must be pushed forward under the triceps muscle. The pulmonary valve area is located in the second or third intercostal space on the left side of the chest just ventral to the aortic valve area. The tricuspid valve area is located in the third or fourth intercostal space on the right side of the chest approximately midway between the level of the olecranon and the shoulder. Sounds associated with the tricuspid valve may also be heard on the left side of the chest in the second intercostal space at a similar level in some animals. These areas reflect the cranio-caudal orientation of the LV and the right-left orientation of the right ventricle

It is very difficult to hear a low grade 1 and 2 unless a Cardiac stethoscope is used and total silence is in the room when the noises of barking dogs were heard in the room and that the wrist of the technician Nick Perry was directly next to the bell and the diaphragm of the stethoscope.

When I brought this to the attention of Dr. Fitzpatrick she was indifferent to my concerns. One Doctor states no murmur while the other states murmur.

When I brought up to the attention of Dr. Fitzpatrick how I was spoken to by her staff and how I was at that point angry on who was telling me the truth and who was lying and that I mentioned this in the lobby waiting 1 hour for a Certificate that was filled out incorrectly with several different signatures and not of the doctor who performed the Rabies Vaccination I felt fraud was committed and I was not going to jail for their mistakes. When I went in to have a receipt signed for the records and which also indicated they own me the original results needed to international travel the Justin acted as her legal consultant and her boss. He advised her on what to say which placed her deeper into this fraud.

After reviewing the records there were defaming, slanderous comments on Baby’s record about me being hostile, and stated I said I was just a *** Technician which I originally said a dump technologist who only worked in my husband’s office from 1977 to 2003 when I gave the hard copy records to Steven Radbill VMD who was my husband’s cousin along with the computer records. I had not asked for any phone numbers or any other information but was holding a private conversation with my son about calling and complaining to their Corporation Headquarters on the treatment of my dog and me. That I sat in an exam room for 2 hours watching the staff play keep the door from opening, eating, making fun of clients and then in the lobby area for another hour with another client who came in was told that there was no walk in after she was told there was. She asked the receptionist to check to see if the kitten who was about 6 weeks old if it was a boy or a girl. The receptionist was so nasty to her that she sat down at her command. My son said he could tell and held the kitten up to see the sex and she was a lucky Grandmother of a Male kitten.

I never asked for anyone phone number but I wanted to know when Dr. Fitzpatrick was in to lodge my complaint.

I cannot take Baby’s records to any vet because of what they wrote in there about me. I demand that these unprofessional comments be removed. I have a receipt that they owe me the Rabies Titer test that I over paid for and that I demand to pick this test up just in case they give me the wrong thing. I am cannot trust their comments on the test since they have been proven to me that they write unprofessional comments and lies.

This Pet Hospital allows unprofessional unlicensed personal to write on medical records. This person came in impersonated a Registered/ Certified Vet Techinican and proceeded to examine my dog. This Perry wore a tag that said vet tech. He argued with me had accesses to my pets records and wrote defaming comments on the record which was not professional. The "manager" did not refer to the staff as a Medical Vet Staff but as a TEAM and he was the TEAM LEADER which makes no sense in the Veternary Field.

Also he took blood from my dog throw the juggler vein and not from the leg.He is not formally trained or qualified or licensed to take blood from Animals

This Nick Perry is practicing as a Vet Tech and is unlicensed to do so. If he is an animal handler or a kennel person they should not be making comments about the owner or examining pets


What I want them to make an official correction on the records stating they wrote out of terms and that what was said was unprofessional. I want them checked on how many other animal were giving the 1 year vaccination and were over the age of 12 months and told it was one year when it’s licensed 3 years. The law on this is very clear and stating that the law says they cannot give a 3 year Rabies Certificate because they didn’t give the first shot is ridiculous, fraud, and misrepresentation of the license of the vaccine for the purpose of only making money not for the protection of the animal or to be honest with the client.

Now they wanted to do a dentistry on a 12 year old dog who they claimed has a heart murmur. That means they would put her under and tube in her throat and there is a 25% chance she will live at this age with a murmur. I said get your forcepts and scrap the teeth the tarter will fall off . They told me I was a bad owner and I told them they are unprofessional. Now I understand what they are doing Causing a dog to get sicker by putting the dog under , then they nurse the dog when there is no 24 hour staff on hand, charging you for 24 hour care, padding the bill and then putting the dog to sleep. Then they charge you for disposing the body. NO WAY will I fall for this.

The "Office Manager" Justin at this Banfield in Mechanicburg Pa didnt even know where the blood was sent to for the Rabies titers test. Scary!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: lied to.

Monetary Loss: $425.

Preferred solution: I want that office either closed or cleaned out and obey the Rabies Certificate Laws.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Unprofessional.

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I received the money back with a contract for me to sign away my rights. I tore up the contract and cashed the check.

In the records were more slanderous and defaming remarks. This is highly unprofessional.

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