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I took my dog into Banfield off of four winds drive. They told me my dog look like she had parvo.

I went on ahead and did the test it came out positive. They wanted to hospitalize her for 500 dollars a day for 2 days. I told them I could not afford it so they told me about another option which was give her an antibiotic and give her medication for vomitting.They said she needed to be hydrated so they gave her subcutaneous fluid therapy. I paid 223 dollars for everything including the exam and fecal exam.

After the fluids in about an hour she died.

The fluid therapy was givin on her back under her skin after that my dog never got up again she died where i laid her down at in her bed. I am very upset I feel that they just wanted money and did not care about my dog.

Monetary Loss: $223.

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Frist off parvo isn't hard to treat nor is it a high costing treatment I've been through it twice.. an both dog an puppy came out great..

second off the fluids could of killed the dog if they administered it in a vein because subcutaneous is where its ONLY supposed to go under the skin not injected in a vein..

third off if the puppy/dog had parvo was not throwing up yet then it was more then likely in early stages and would not have died right after treatment.... sorry u lost ur pet...


The subcutaneous fluids and banfield did not kill your dog, parvo did. Its a nasty thing


Parvo is a very aggressive ailment for puppies. It is very expensive no matter what veterinary clinic you go to.

Sure vet bills are high but hey, you should know that before getting a new pet of any kind. Just like humans medical bills are steep.


Never go to these Corp. owned vet hospitals.

They over bill you and the vets only work on comission. So you do the math!


Parvo isn't that expensive to treat. Vets just make it expensive to treat. A vet can teach an owner to administer fluids and allow the fluids to be purchased. Sometimes puppies get parvo, shots or not. Shots do not guarantee a puppy will not get parvo. They are not likely to become immune until after a year of age.

Oral antibiotics and such are useless additional expenses. The main concern is keeping the dog hydrated and in good spirits until the virus runs its course and then slowly helping them rebuild their strength.

I'm at a loss as to how fluids could have killed the puppy. It was most likely the parvo. Or some other treatment given.

But most likely: Parvo. It hits some puppies harder and quicker than others. And its very deadly.


Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, PARVO (which is an illness that can be fatal-as in death) killed your puppy? are you mad at yourself that you didn't properly vaccinate your puppy or because you got a pet and thought veterinary care would be FREE?

Banfield P


First and foremost, we are sorry to hear about the loss of your dog.

We’d like to direct you to our client advocacy team to provide additional information about your experience. From there, we’ll be sure to have a vet reach out to you to discuss her case. The number is 877-500-2288.

Thank you and, again, please accept our sympathies,

Banfield The Pet Hospital


So sorry for your loss. Many dogs die from parvo if not treated aggressively.

Unfortunately, it is very expensive to treat so not all people can opt for the high dollar treatment.

It sounds like they did try to do what they could within your means. What else were they supposed to do?

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