Trenton, Michigan

I work at banfield. And to the comment about the Giardia not working- at Banfield if your on a Wellness Plan its garunteed and if the dog does get the disease Banfield pays for it.

Also Lyme isnt just in certain parts. Tick in MICHIGAN carry it and cases have been found. RECENTLY. So YOU need to do your research.

And by the way- google isnt proof, anyone can make a google site. And I have 3 pets on the Wellness plans. and let me tell you vaccines are $20-60. and there are about 8 annual shots so paying $200 a year is a good price, especially with unlimited office calls included in that and a discount on all other products.

So I think all of you need to do your research before talking ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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pissed o

i find it hard to believe anyone would waste there time making up stories about there experiences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reguardless we are all human and everyone makes mistakes so the fact that you are trying to say that most of the complaints are almost impossible shows how ignorant people can be!!

pissed o

really well since your so full of answers, maybe you can tell me why my dog was left for hours without water while under the care of one of your hospitals. and by the way he wasnt going in for surgery so thats not an excuess.

He neded a check up and we had to work.

We canceled our plan. they say one person with a bad experience will tell ten people but, i deal with the public every day and trust me, not one person i see wont hear about it!!!


The Giardia vaccine has been listed as "not recommended" by the American Animal Hospital Association's canine vaccine guidelines due to its lack of efficacy.


too many vaccines.. just a though.. Corona is coming back in parts of the country because people have quit vaccinating and we have seen a rise in cases of heartworms because people have been told for years that heartworms where not an issue in western wa........

Banfield reccomends

giardia....(which is everywhere!!) fecal/oral

Lyme (they get from ticks and it is being seen more and more in areas that arent supposed to have it)

Corona....increasing in areas since vx rates are down

Distemper Parvo.. everywhere(fecal oral)

Lepto.......increasing in areas since vx rates are down

Bordettella (sp?).. aka kennel cough.. its airborne if your around other dogs... then your at risk

Rabies (its the law 8 )

fecal/oral.. most dogs i know sniff butts and smell everything on the ground including poo...

What would happen if we quit vx against mmr in people-- more outbreaks. just a thought


I am saddened to see so many banfield employees commenting in ways that put DOWN the pet owner. This is not the correct way to educate, to help them see, nor to deal with any of the situations I have been reading on here.

Especially to create a "complaint" post about the clients. I suggest discussing with your Field Director how to deal with these in the future.

For any client/future client reading this, Not all of us are like this. Some of us respect the fact you may get upset, you may not know everything, and that you don't read or understand everything.

We are here to help. But unfortunately I do understand a bad first impression here may never be corrected by those that do right by you.


They may cover the treatment for the Giardia but they dont cover the test to see if you have it. What they do is test for 3 things including Giardia, charge you for all the tests, treat whichever it is, and then charge you for the test to see if its gone.


8 annual shots?!? Are you out of your mind? More and more people are starting to say that animals are over medicated....and I'm starting to agree


To: Kstraub33

I agree with you on the wellness plans and the care I have received at Banfield. Unfortunately, the professionalism of your statement is not up to corporate policy.

Yes one must do their research. Banfield's prices are comparable to other places in my area. Also the wellness plans are extremely good. People need to realise that they are preventative plans not insurance.

I vaccinate my pets since I have several. I found the plans and just on the anual teeth cleaning the plans pay for themselves two fold. For people that think they are being charged too much, do your research, the vet always discusses prices with the owner, it is up to the owner to accept or refuse service. I'm tired of seeing people put Banfield down.

Some of the stories I read are I know just by experience are almost impossible. I don't work for Banfield.

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