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I was initially happy here, but we will now go to a different vet. I took my puppy in to be neutered today and they tried to sell me several additional services including anal gland clean out!

When I asked what that was and why I would pay for that, I was told that some dogs don't empty their anal glands fully and in some dogs, it could cause a problem. After I turned down the 4 additional services offered and went home, I got a call saying that my puppy had 2 baby teeth that they would like to pull at an additional charge.

I said NO! They may legitimately need to be pulled, but I no longer trust Banfield what so ever, so we are going to go to a different vet and get a second opinion.

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Wow you're really complaining about them offering your pet preventative care? Obviously you always have the right to say no, BUT when they are only recommending what is best for your pet its because they genuinely care about your pet.

When your pup's anal gland becomes ruptured I hope to see another horrible review about how they never "explained" the significance of it and how all they want is money to fix it.

Additionally if baby teeth do not come out naturally it can cause significant damage to your pet while their adult teeth try to come in as well. YOUR WELCOME!

Banfield P

Hi Anonymous - We apologize for your experience and we are working to locate your records based on your comments on Facebook.


The Banfield Team

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