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Our cattle dog fractured his hind leg. We took him to Banfield and they did x-rays and casted his leg. Our dog received some pain killers also. They explained that we should try to prevent him from running around We were told to come back in 6 weeks and scheduled a follow up visit at that time.

The night before the follow up visit, our dog began to show signs that something was wrong on his casted leg. We took him the following day at 4:30 and explained to the doctor that he was limping and wouldn't put his foot to the floor. The doctor asked us if we kept him totally immobile for the past 6 weeks. I explained that we weren't told he had to remain immobile, just to take it easy, no walks, running around, etc... and for the most part the pain killers kept him knocked out (which he became addicted to. That's another story.) most of the time. He seemed fine up until the night before the vistit, I explained. Also a dark stain was showing through on the cast on the side of his leg. The doctor told me that it was iodine. That's when I got really pissed. I asked him what should we do about it and he said we would have to bring him back tomorrow because it was time for him to go home and our appointment was only a follow up appointment. I was about ready to strangle him. I was also very concerned about my dog. We went home and returned the next day, dropped off our dog and picked him up that evening. They gave us antibiotics to get rid of the almost bone infection that had been caused by the cast breaking and cutting his leg. They also re-casted his leg with an access hole so we could clean out his wound twice a day. If you are familiar with cattle dogs, you would know that it took 4 people to hold down the dog while a 5th person cleaned the wound. Not fun.

Because they almost gave my dog a bone infection and refused to address the situation during our follow up visit, they didn't charge me for the additional visits or antibiotics. I did pay a total of $1500.00 when all was said and done. I will never go there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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They said 6 weeks?! Wow...

that's a long time...

it should have been checked and changed a lot more frequently than that! They really messed up


Are you positive you were told to recheck a full 6 weeks after the first cast was applied? Typically in vet med, a cast/splint is checked a LOT more frequently than that. I have to wonder that if the pet had been rechecked more often, this problem would have been noticed much sooner...

Might want to consider running this case by your state board of veterinary medicine for their opinion...


this is just as bad... recently one of the other banfields referred a patient to us... he had a compound fracture of the tibia( the bone under the knee) this other banfield had been bandageing the wrong leg for 4 weeks.


how did your dog become addicted to the pain meds?? was he having withdrawls or something? lol that's silly..

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