Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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I worked for banfield and I can honestly say that the way they treat their clients pets is unethnical. I watched as the managers and nurses would eat over the pets while in surgery.

Talked about clients, and didn't walk pets being there all day for surgery. I had to leave because I pointed these out to my practice manager and human resources. I have got no resolution. Now my name is being slandered by employees at banfield as a result.

Getting Lawyer to resolve this once and for all. I think the way they treat animals is a crime against nature and they are never reprimanded for the conduct of what they do.

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Where I worked (NY State) we were absolutely forbidden to take any pets outside because of the risks of lawsuits if they escape or get injured on a walk. Its not because the people working there were mean - policy just dictated that we could not do it or we could be fired or written up if we broke policy.

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