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Banfield Pet Hospital at Culver City, CA

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Long story short, I have bullet pointed my issues below with the Banfield Pet Hospital inside Petsmart.

- Was promised a 39.95 monthly plan but continuously being charged 66.95

- Was promised that there is no contract and can cancel at anytime obviously that is not true after I read the terms and services when I got home, but I have no problem paying what was promised at 39.95 a month for 12 months. Except that is not the case.

- Immediately called after the first bill to correct the issue of being over charged. Customer service rep can not do anything to help, ever! Since then (Nov 2010) I've been refereed back and forth between the POS (point of sale) and the Call Center.

- Was informed the extra charge was tagged on because of some sort of neutering program which will provide a neutering operation for a discounted price at Banfield. Even though I never asked for it, and the dog was never neutered at Banfield, everyone at Banfield seems to understand that I am being over charged, but no one can do anything about it.

- After a 3 months battle between the Call Center and POS, I involved American Express premium dispute service.

- Banfield put AMEX on to the same infinite loop of ping pong tactic between themselves and the Point of Sale.

- American Express decided to Block Banfield from charging me and credit back all the charges until the issue is resolved.

- Banfield now calls me once a week since March 2011 asking me to pay. Each time I explain the situation patiently and each of them sympathized and wanting to help with promises of "someone will call you back with a higher authority." Unfortunately, no one ever calls me back.

- 4th week of April 2011, again received another call asking me to pay them. but this time the representative said she can get me customer service supervisor on the phone, but all she did was cold transferred me to the regular call center, on hold for about 8 minutes decided to hang up.

I've already filed a complaint with the CA consumer affairs. Federal Trade Commission, and BBB. Also wrote an email to the CEO of Banfield Named John Payne.

Today I called the client advocacy team directly. They told me they usually don't deal with issues like this and they only handle complaints on the actual pet health procedures. But he is going to try and help me. After a 20 minute conversation, and many times being placed on hold for him to talk to someone with higher authorities, he finally told me that "there is nothing we can do for you, suing us seems like the only option left."

I called back to the store one last time to see if they can help me correct the mistake, once again was told that there is nothing they can do.

I have worked in customer service all through out college and a few years after. In my 7 years of customer service, I have never ever told a customer that there is nothing I can do. I have always trying to help and come to a compromise solution then to do nothing at all. and I have never ever suggested a customer to close their account as a solution. It blew my mind when I called back today after speaking with the hospital manager to see my options, instead of again fixing an issue which i have no problem paying 39.95 for the rest of my dog's life, they decided to close my account with my payment of $402.27.

All I have to say is, this company take advantage of those pet owners with no experience in owning a pet. and they don't take their customers very seriously. losing a customer is nothing to them. I'd recommend staying away from them, and find a local veterinarian who actually cares about your pet and are willing to work with you because they care about the health of your pet instead of looking at your pet like a dollar sign.

I have found a local pet hospital now who charges 5-10 dollars per vaccine and 60 dollars per deep teeth cleaning, and 35 dollars for blood test and all the grunt work Banfield provided for 39.95 a month or better yet a mistake of 66.95 a month and refuse to correct the mistake.

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banfield is bs all the way. my dog broke her toe so they put a splint on her and a week later the splint broke in half i dont know how if she sleeps and lays there all day and night getting fat cuz the vet there told us not to let her walk.

It come out to 487.18 and when we went back to the vet at banfield they wanted us to pay another 400 to put a new one when the vet had told us that it was going to last her 4 to 6 weeks. now we are stuck.


did you ever get a response from john payne?


i am sure if you work with your vet, and your dog is in need of a deep cleaning. and you have been going to them for quite some time. but at the time you can't pay for anything higher. they will lower the charges because of the dog's health, and not to make money. especially have 2 surgeries and a neutering total cost that banfield quoted me at 3300 dollars and i got them done at this place for 600.

hence why i love this vet. they are not here to make money, they are here to help animals.

alot of vet like that in the neighborhood. you just have to find them.


worked in vet industry fro 10 years. NO WAY they are doing your pet's teeth any favors for $60!

You get what you pay for - don't gamble!


the vet I have now infact is fantastic. and every one in the neighborhood knows they are wonderful.

and infact charged me 60 dollars for a deep teeth cleaning. they have been around for over 30 years with the same vet, and it is a family owned business. they may not charge every one 60 dollars, but they sure worked with me and charged me 60. along with many other operations i do with them (neutering, surgical of foreign object removal, annual physical, all vaccines), I now take my dog to them on a regular basis.

they are the most experienced vet and most courteous group of people in the pet industry that I have ever met. Banfield should learn something from them.


quickly run away from any facility that offers teeth cleaning for sixty bucks. there is no way that it can be done correctly and safely for that amount. No way.


Obviously client service is not very important to you. or this wouldn't go on for 6 months.

I have talked to your relation team, which was the last dept I talked to before I decided to close the account. Their answer is "the reason why we can't help you, is because the system doesn't allow us to remove anything." well guess what. you can close my account credit back the $402.27, reopen the account to the correct plan. But no one in your company is willing to do that.

Let's take your customer service and compare it to AMEX. All i did was made a phone call to AMEX, and they completely understood how horrific of a company you are, since they went through the same thing that I did trying to get things resolved. and they credit back the closing cost you guys charged me, $402.27, no questions asked. Even though it is completely unfair to them because YOU guys screwed up not them. that's the difference between good customer service and YOU.

With that kind of customer service, I wouldn't be surprised if John Payne sold off his share of the company like Scott Campbell did after he greedily made his millions and leave his workers out to dry and without a job.

Best of luck to you and your company, but me and no one I know will ever do business with you again.

Banfield P


We are so sorry that you have had to experience this frustration. Client service is very important to us, and we certainly hold ourselves to a much higher standard than this.

I know you've already been through a lot, but we'd like another opportunity to speak with you, if you are willing.

We were unfortunately able to identify your file based on this post, but please be encouraged to call our Wellness Plan Relations team, which is usually very good about helping in situations like this. The number is 888-649-2716.

Also, please know that your feedback has been escalated to all client service teams and we hope to use this experience to continue improving our service.

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