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I work at Banfield (and actively trying to find a new position at a "real" hospital). We are yelled at by corporate all the time if we don't charge enough, we need to push unnecessary vaccines even if we think a pet may be too old to receive so many of them, we need to offer unnecessary diagnostics, we are forced to see at least 30 pets a day and we have to rush on every one of them... we simply don't have the time to "care"... when we are forced to basically charge a minimum of $100 on every visit while being overworked/understaffed

I do care, and that is why I'm leaving. Last week for example, I had to deal w someone from corporate complaining to me that I did not charge at least a grand to a dog that all she needed was some antibiotics for a small, old, already healing wound. We are told that our quality of medicine is measured on our "average patient charge". For me, quality of medicine should be measured on how well the pet responds to treatment, rapport w the owners, etc, not on how much we should charge. Plus, there is a computer program that tells the vets what to do, if the vets don't follow protocol, they are yelled by corporate.

Plus, there is no excuse to have to drop off a pet for a "comprehensive exam" for most of the day to simply do a physical exam, look at the eyes and the ears without an owner to be present to ask personally if there are any concerns. A physical exam fee should be a physical exam fee and a vet should look at the entire pet on every visit, is just penny picking when you have to charge extra to look at a dog's eyes or in their ears. Yes, our office visit may be cheaper than most vets, but you will be charged and penny picked on everything!

About the wellness plans, they are great for puppies because they cover the spay and neuter and includes bloodwork. That's it! After the first year, is way cheaper to just boost the IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY vaccines yearly than having the pet be overvaccinated. They try to brainwash us on how great the plans are, when the risk of overvaccinating and the expense involved if your pet gets sick (a mere 10% discount doesn't do much when your estimate is over a grand and the local vet would do the same for half). Oh, they even charge us! If I wanted to spay my own dog at my hospital, I have to pay! Imagine how embarrassing it is for someone that works at a vet hospital to be recognized at another hospital when dropping off to have your own dog spayed because will save you hundreds of $$!

I must admit, our prices are way higher than our closest hospital. Sometimes, for older pets, I usually refer to a neighboring vet that will spay/neuter for a lot cheaper and does a pretty good job because I understand that a lot of people can't afford $400 to spay their dog and I understand the importance of spay/neutering, and our plans don't include spay/neuter for over 6 month old pets.

And some of you will notice that the vets change constantly. There is a reason for the very high turnaround....

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I work for Banfield. Judging from some of the comments I have read from others of you who "work for Banfield", you're not exactly telling the whole truth. Yes, we charge more for some things than a local vet would, but look at the quality of care you are receiving....

When a local vet performs a routine spay, what do you get? An injectable anesthesia, dangerous practices, and a *** sew-up job with stitches that need to be removed and an ugly, lasting scar. Banfield charges more because we DO more. No other animal hospital will intubate your pet and put them under with a gas anesthetic, EKG, and constant monitoring throughout the surgery. Your pet is provided with pain medications and is kept under careful watch by trained staff for the rest of the day. And when the surgery is done, the vet uses a stitching technique usually reserved for human surgeries that minimizes scarring, and uses dissolvable sutures, meaning you will not need to bring your pet back in to have the stitches removed.

And as for charging a minimum fee for each and every appointment ... that's just absurd. Most of the clients I see in one day pay around 20 or 30 dollars, and many of them pay nothing at all! And we do not REQUIRE pets to be dropped off today. Drop-off appointments are designed to be a convenience for today's hectic lifestyles. You can drop off your pet in the morning on your way to work, and pick them up in the evening on your way home. And a vet is ALWAYS available to answer any questions you may have when you pick up your pet.

All in all, it seems to me that all of you pissed off customers are really just ***. You're not getting all of the information, and therefore need someone to lash out at when you screw yourself over. If you ask me, the biggest deterrent to a pet receiving the best quality care available ... is the owner.


My experience is that Banfield's mission statement: to provide veterinary care while charging the most money humanly possible. Examination fee, emergency fee, Nursing Care fee, doctor's supervision fee, waste disposal fee...

Uses scare tactics to get owner to sign high estimate - then says they won't begin care until owner pays partial payment. After care provided, actual degree of problem not as severe as described prior to beginning care - but high charges incurred anyway - per signed estimate prior to beginning care.


Veterinary care for highest profit possible. Outrageous.

Put these people out of business.


I wonder (I too work at Banfield, ) if she left by choice or if she left because she was fired and is now spreading lies about the company.


CTS calling and yelling at you?? UNREAL. We have never had such a thing happen?

If you are so unhappy with your positions, leave!

Our prices are so much cheaper that our local vets/hospitals. We have many, many, many, happy clients.

It's a shame that a few disgruntaled people like you try to bad mouth a company.


i work at banfield too. honestly, it IS such a scam!

i really can't understand how a company is legally allowed to treat animals like that. it's not about "treating your pet like family" its about "robbing you of all of your money"

what a joke!


Thanks for exposing this slimy company. I will definitely never take my pets there and will tell my friends and family to do the same.I take them to a local vet who actually cares for the animals and doesn't overly charge. If my pets don't need a vaccination they tell us so.

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