Willoughby, Ohio
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I have found both good Vets and not so good vets here - much like I have everywhere else. It's our pets and we have the final say as to whether to accept the vets suggestions or not. Often we choose to get our medications from another source where the same meds are cheaper.

We have always had a favorite vet at Banfield - they move on sometimes. We have always had a least favorite vet at Banfield and they too move on.

We like the care plans offered because we do some rescues and foster care. We have Giant Breed Dogs and not everyone is good with 200# dogs.

As to the staff - just like the vets - we have our favorites and our not so favorites. But needing a Sunday visit or an unexpected crisis - the plan we selected works for us.

We tried to follow one of our favorite vets when they went into private practice - we simply couldn't afford the same services we had on a plan. That and the hours available - Banfield works for us. On two occasions we took dogs to Ohio State Veterinary Clinic for specialty care - we were referred by the Banfield Vet who was a graduate.

At Ohio State - We spent $5,000.00 on a hip replacement for a Newfoundland - we aren't rich. We spent nearly $1,000.00 on ruling out cancer or auto-immune disease on another dog. Again we are not rich.

The plan allowed us to diagnose and intervene early to get the care we needed for our dogs before it was too late. That's the benefit of a wellness plan.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Hours and selection of professional staff.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Some of the vets push too hard for expensive options.

  • Banfield Works For Us
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I wish more people were like you.

Fact is, yes, there arebad vets out there and not just at Banfield. But a majority of vets out there, including Banfield, truly care about the pets and the owners.

Vets and techs aren't rich.

Not by a long shot. The whole vet staff does so much more than what people see.

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