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A friend of mine, her dog broke it's lead and ran a couple doors away. In the process, somehow she cut one of the pads of her toes almost clear off.

Banfield was the only place open at 6 pm on a Friday night that was within an hours drive. Once there, fees and fees were mentioned upfront before telling us that they don't know when they can get us in, but if we get in before 7, it saves $50. Fine, we wait. About 6:30 they tell us that the 6:30 might not be showing up, they give them 10 minutes.

So about 6:45 they start checking us in. Take the dog into the back. Around 7:00 the doctor gives a treatment plan. "The cut is very bad.

We are technically closed, you will have to come back in the morning for stitches". The next lady who talks money came in at 7:11pm with an over $400 bill for today and over $500 for tomorrow's visit. Not only was she charged $50 for it being "after hours" and another $50 for an "emergency visit", there was literally a charge for a $30 bandage. I started asking questions and taking charges off the bill.

We declined pain meds, as this pup was recently spayed and still have some pain meds left over. I explained this to the lady with the bill. I told her between my friend and myself, we had pain meds for dogs covered. She asked which meds we had, I told her that I had Rimadyl and my friend had tramadol.

I explained that she could just use the tramadol that she has and this woman told me we could give the dog BOTH meds. This poor friend of mine was charge basically a hundred dollars for some vet to say "yeah it's really bad, see you later". All this money spent and time wasted, aside from a bandage, we were no closer to resolution than when we got there. After all this, it took well over half an hour to bring the dog out.

I will never ever take any of my dogs there.

My friend won't go back. I hope others do research and don't end up going.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: I want people to be aware. .

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Maybe next time bring your emergency to an emergency clinic? A regular pet hospital does not have the time or resources to efficiently process an emergency visit, especially right at closing when some of the day's doctors or parastaff might already be gone.


to anonymous , Quite sur , you are an employee, defending, Banfield, instead, of , actually, carinng about, animals.The only thing, Banfield, speciallizes in, is, running the, cash register, and, ripping off, customers, but, I'm sure, you, think, that's ok. Quit, kissing, you're employee's ***.

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