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On October 9 , 2017 we brought our dog Zip to Banfield Hospital inside of Petsmart at the Northboro, MA location. Zip had an open wound on his front right paw that would not heal, was constantly getting infected and we were very concerned.

Zip was checked in and we were told they would call us when he was ready. When we received the call to come pick up Zip, they mentioned that they could not see anything wrong with his paw. We were very confused and proceeded to explain to the technician again where the wound was located assuming the technician would look at the paw again. We went to pick up Zip, the technician came out with him, holding him, and holding up his paw to show us there was no wound.

There was a nice, bloody wound on his paw, we pointed it out, was not hard to see at all, and voiced our concern as to why they didn’t see this? The technician said that Zip wouldn’t let anyone touch his paws and they had a hard time getting the muzzle on him. It is CLEARLY written in Zip’s notes that he needs to be muzzled because he doesn’t like his feet touched and to not wear a white coat since it frightens him. I got a very clear impression that they didn’t want to look or help Zip because he needs to be muzzled.

We were getting increasingly frustrated because we could not get a definitive answer from the technician as to why this happened, and why they waited all day to call us. The technician was very “oh well” attitude and that was the last straw for us. We took Zip to another veterinarian in town. One look at his paw and Zip was in an exam room waiting to be seen.

Zip did indeed have a wound on his paw. He was given anti-biotics and a cone to wear to help enable the healing process. HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THIS???? We were long time, very loyal customer’s of Banfield.

We can’t understand as to why this happened, but at this point, we do not trust that Banfield will have our pet’s best interests in mind and we are concerned at the quality of care they would receive. It is unfortunate however, but we will never take our pets there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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