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My cat has a foot infection. Took her 2 weeks ago and I was given antibiotic pills to shove down her throat.

Two weeks later no improvement so I take her on the follow-up visit. Different vet. Suddenly she had an ear infection (after two weeks of antibiotics??) (NOTE: he went straight for her ears, when I was bringing her in for her foot!) but he had to do tests to figure out what ype of bacteria was in her ears. Then the only way he could figure out what was wrong with her foot was to take an xray (in order to check for any foreign body that might have been stuck in her foot).

Well, TWO HOURS LATER, (I assume there was a tv movie that he wanted to see), he comes out and tells me - after performing microscopic tests, of course - that my cat's ears are dirty but very little-to-no bacteria...but he's still going to give me medication. Then he shows me an exray that may or may not have been my cat's paw to show me that there's no foreign body nor is there any bone problems. But he told me that she has a foot infection, to which my reply was "I knew that when I walked in". Now comes the bill.

WITH the 5 or 6 medications he was anticipating I'd shove down my cat's throat, they were charging me a whopping $380.89. I told the "nurse" to take all of the meds and put them in the blender and have the "vet" take them himself.

I got screwed for $275 and still have to take my cat to a v-e-t.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Shame on that doctor for being thorough and actually doing a complete exam on your pet instead of just having the pet stick it's foot out the carrier/box for examination. Not sure you understand how different antibiotics concentrate and work in different tissues and how there are different bacteria in different locations (paw/ear/mouth/rectum) - so yes, your cat can have an ear infection despite being on oral antibiotics.

Right, cause vets just sit back and watch movies all day - can you seriously be this ignorant and disrespectful? Stop watching crime and emergency show dramas and expecting results and problems solved in 30min.


maybe you should go to a magic store and get a better magic vet to wave his magic wand. Until then, most of us mortals will probably have to run TESTS to see what is wrong with your cat.


You do realize that veterinary medicine is still actual medicine right? In order to run tests and take x-rays, it does take time.

The results don't come back in 2 seconds. How long do you have to wait in a human hospital?

Why should vet medicine be any different? You should have spoken up immediately and said my cat has a foot infection and that is all I want her to be treated for.

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