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I am writing on every forum that mentions Banfield animal hospital to warn people do not go to the Liberty,mo Banfield hospital. I took my chameleon in today for mouth rot (which is treatable with antibiotics) I went in the room the doctor came in and looked at him with me standing right next to him, he looked in his mouth and confirmed it was indeed mouth rot and that he also had a impaction in his semen glands.

He then says that he is going to take him back and express his glands and scrape his teeth and send him home with some antibiotics. He takes him out of the room for an hour and then comes back in and says we have 2 issues, 1. He could not get both sides of his glands expressed and 2. That while we were scraping his teeth we noticed his jawbone was broke.

So I open the box and see that he has his mouth wide open which isn't normal and was not like that before he got taken out of the room and I see his bottom jawbone protruding upwards towards the top of his mouth (which was not like that before he was taken out of the room). The doctor then goes to say I think it would be best to put him out of his misery. (well no *** I could not argue at this time because I was upset. I got my bill for $83.66 for office visit and euthanasia.

The doctor did not say anything just walked out of the room, The nurse on other hand was nice,but that does not make up for them killing my 11 yr olds sons pet and not admitting to it. If the jawbone was broke like that when the doctor came in and examined it, he would of very obviously seen it,( you couldn't of missed it) and he would not of taken it back to scrape the teeth.

So PLEASE PLEASE do not take your pets there. I will be writing corporate to see if they want to resolve this issue and most likely the BBB.

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