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I dropped my dog off to get his teeth cleaned and they killed my kids family pet! This dog is a service dog for my 2 disabled boys.

How do I explain this to my boys. I left there unhappy with no answers or comfort.This was a 3.5

lb tea cup yorkie who was like a child. My next step is to take legal advise. This is a very sad case and they had to of gave him to much anesthesia!!

I am now wondering how many other well loved pets that have walked in there office and didn't walk out.

R.I.P. Chico you will be missed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Dental Cleaning.

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My dog, teacup York is, went in for a dental cleaning. She came home different and passed away a two days after the cleaning.


So sorry to hear about poor Chico. My baby Yorkie, Licorice, went to Banfield Pet Hospital in for a simple blood test and never left.

My husband and I sat in the lobby waiting unaware that numerous venipuncture attempts to draw blood from her little neck were unsuccessful and our baby was becoming increasingly terrorized. The Vet Tech "vigorously restrained" our baby tighter and and a blood sample was finally taken" by means of puncturing her carotid artery. Our little girl bleed to death; chocking on her blood. The Vet Tech should have asked for help from the Vet.

The best choice would have been to forgo the test completely but apparently that was contrary to his financial incentive, Banfield's profit margin comes before the well being of our pets.

The worst part was the blood test was completely unnecessary. Lone Tree Banfield Pet Hospital, Colorado.


I lost my dog at banfield during a teeth cleaning as well! Still havnt been told what the cause was but she was only 4 years old and weighed 5 lbs


Priscilla our 9 year old Yorkie was killed by Banfield of Apex NC during routine dental cleaning on 2/2/18. We are destroyed as a family.


My dog has had issues when they've performed dentals on her and gave her a high dose which slowed down her heart rate too much to the point it could have been fatal. They've told me this twice after 3 dentals that had no issues so Im sure it was due to incompetent vet techs that could not monitor correctly.

I am a tech at an animal hospital now and I've monitored my dog and my coworkers have and she has had no issues what so ever. Their staff lacks the experience.

Not only that my older rescue dog went into kidney failure because the doctors prescribed high doses of carprofen and gentamicin together which almost killed my dog. When I called to ask if these medications could cause any side effects Dr.

Parikh from Banfield told me no.

When I had to take my dog to the ER for 12 days and the doctors at the ER told me its unheard of that they prescribe these meds, Dr Parikh from Banfield told me she did nothing wrong.

I will never goto Banfield again

Banfield P

Hi jae 1406 - We are so sorry about your family’s loss and we empathize with you during this difficult time. If you have additional concerns that have not yet been addressed, please reach out to our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com. Again, we are sorry for your loss.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


Anesthesia 6 times previous (teeth cleanings) with no problems. Yesterday when I dropped her off I was "offered" to pay an extra $40 for a shot to "help her wake up from anesthesia".

I questioned this as it never was brought up before and she never had a problem. I was told it was entirely optional for those dogs who had "problems waking up". Since mine didn't, I declined.

Yet after 36 hours at home, while awake, she is lethargic and hardly moving, relieving herself and simply laying in the excrement until cleaned up.

I am sure they changed anesthesia and KNEW it may cause problems, lying about the issue.

Should be sued, pure fraud. Why in the *** is the wake up shot extra because they save money using a cheaper but riskier and more dangerous anesthesia, then lie about what they are doing?


Same thing just happened to us with our 6lb Yorkie. She was 4 yrs old and had her teeth cleaned 2 times before at banfield in Mesquite Texas.

We took her to Banfield in Rockwall Texas this time they used a different drug to put her to sleep. They said the drug they used and was protocall and that Mesquite used a drug that was normall for agressive dogs. They said she had a reaction to it and went into cardiac arrest. After CPR she was in trouble and at closing time we were told to take her home or to after hours hospital.

They set up referal but due to trauma of CPR her lungs were full of blood and she died a few hours later.

Our Banfield plan did not cover $775.00 expense to try and save her...and they have made no follow up call with us to see if she survived...Banfield says they are a hospital, but beware...only during the day time!!! At closing time the plugs are pulled!!!


Hey look everyone, at the end of the day,a family member died, and just like any other death, this person (and her family) are suffering the 5 stages. If you want to correct my spelling, or dissect my statement, go for it, she's hurting and questioning just like anyone else.

Wow, people trip me out.

To the person who lost their dog, I am sorry for your loss, and I hope your family has adjusted to this painful change.

If their is justice to be had, may you have it. But, if this is a time for grief and forgiveness, may you find it.


3.5lb service dog? WTH


Actually, it does. A protocol defines what steps you should do in certain circumstances.

Please grow up. You are really making yourself look uneducated and immature by saying things like ***

Sorry everyone else here can dance circles around your arguments.


A protocol doesnt protect you from responsibility. ***


To "anonfool" - I've seen you tolling the boards and I'm sorry you are such a miserable person. I haven't seen anyone else here stoop to the level of personal attack as you.

I was merely asking why the original poster thought it wad Banfield's fault as opposed to an unforseable death. She should provide evidence of broken protocol before making a serious accusation.

I know I'm not the state board, I was merely asking for more details to clarify her story.

Read more carefully next time and try to reply in a mature, respectful manner.


Seems like Dr Anon knows it all and has diagnosed your dog with a congenital illness. Doubt id trust a fool like that...


Just so you all know, Banfield has the SAFEST anesthesia protocols I have ever seen! Unfortunately some pets do pass away under anesthesia and you will most likely not know why.

Pets smaller than 3.5 lbs go under anesthesia everyday and are fine.

I do not believe this happened due to pets size but rather some undiagnosed medical/hereditary condition. Unfortunately when you have a yorkie that small you are bound to have some serious medical conditions occur just due to inbreeding.


I am sorry for your loss. While it is tragic that these things happen with anesthesia sometimes, unless you can prove that this was negligence and not just an accident, you will likely not recover any money. You will pay for a lawyer and if you are lucky, you may get the purchase price of your dog in return--that is if you can prove negligence.


@ anon I'm not a veterinarian I was a customer.

The meds you name were not used and details can not be

Discussed because I have lawyer. I've done a little research

after the fact and i have found out that my dog shouldn't have been at Banfield.


Anon get real. The state board will be the one to make the determination as to what went wrong.


...I don't understand. How did they make a bad call? Do you have details, such as the percent of sevoflurane they used? The use of glycopyrrolate and atropine?

You mentioned the weight of your dog...that doesn't really consider into whether or not he/she should have undergone anesthesia...simply the equipment and amount of "premedication" and "induction agent" used (which, by the way, is standardized ACROSS banfield hospitals according to weight). Pets smaller than that routinely undergo anesthesia. Banfield has some of the safest anesthesia protocols around. In fact, they just revised their protocol according to the most recent research and data, and have trained all personnel accordingly.

Please provide more details before simply blaming Banfield without proof. That is a serious allegation.

Banfield P

Jae 1406,

Would you mind giving us a call to discuss your visit to the hospital? Our Client Advocate Team can be reached at 877-500-2288.

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