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I took my police trained, soccer playing dog to Banfield after I noticed him limping. Banfield diagnosed an infection, prescribed meds and charged about 800.00

The following month, Paco was not better, went back. They did even more xrays, tests, more meds. Another month he was still not better. Returned and had new xray done, only to be told he had bone cancer in his leg and would need surgery to amputate the hind leg. I felt this was not an option for this dog based on his activity level, so they recommended putting him down. Which I did with much heart ache.

One year later, my cat is acting oddly. I take her to Banfield, only because it was evening and I could not find an alternative vet at that time of evening. They did xray and told me the cat needed emergency surgery or would die very quickly. The price? 1500+. I told them I wanted my personal vet's second opinion. I was presented with a bill for 351.00. I asked for a line by line. There were line items I was being charged for, for items they did not do, including a prescription for antibiotics, which I was not told of, agreed to or even discussed. The next morning I took cat to private vet. Banfield refused to release the results of tests and xrays from previous evening unless I paid an additional 25. My vet told them "no" and re-did the xray for free. The tests showed absolutely no sign of what Banfield diagnosed the cat with. Xrays, bloodwork, all came up stating the cat's health appeared to be fine. The vet asked to do a spay at that time, and while in there, she would do an exploratory to rule out missing what Banfield had diagnosed. By far, a much more reasonable approach. Best guess so far is she probably sprained her leg muscle while playing.

As it turns out, I almost put down a healthy cat because Banfield once again, wanted to rake me over the coals for big bucks for an unnecessary procedure. I truly almost put the cat down. I have to wonder now, did I put down a healthy dog last year due to their scare tactics to separate me from my money? Disgusting, and now I will never know!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Seeking victims of Banfield Pet Hospital to file a class action lawsuit. My personal friend a personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills, I have known him over 30 years. Please contact me @ youtube Banfield Killed My Chihuahua.


Banfield was so rough with my dog that they collapsed his trachea. We will be filing suit.


To Saddened:

That story is absolute garbage and made up. Before ANY euthanasia, you have to sign a consent form, they go over cremation options with you, and prepare you for everything.

I highly doubt they just took your dog from you and euthanized it. And euthanasia costing $1500?? NO WAY!

Not even close. Nice try though.


Wow, that is terrible. Sooner or later,this chain has to go out.

Even though there might be a few good vets, the corporation forces them to run these like retail shops instead of vet hospitals. It is disgusting. And no, I did not sue.

It won't change anything that happened, and would only drag out the sorrow I felt at the time. Good luck to you and I am so sorry to hear what happened to your pet.


That sounds horrible. Im sorry to hear that happened. Did you at least sure them for all they're worth?


I brought my 5 year old wolf hound to banfield and they euthanized him rather than another dog sceduled to be put down at the same time. They tried to give me another dog saying it was mine and were extremly rude.

Cost for the dog awhile ago 3,000$ vet visit 500$ euthanization 1,500$ and to actually get the correct dog body back for burial purposes 1,000$.

And im left without my faithful companion.. :(


Actually you may have put down a healthy dog, you should have gotten a second opinion AND not assumed the dog could not have lived a happy life with only 3 legs... as many dogs do...


I am sorry to hear about your dog... I also am unhappy with Banfield I have taken my dog only three times but know once the year is up we wont be going back for anything... It is true that the majority of my complaint is based on the money... I paid good money for the wellness plan and they seem to tack on anything they can... I thought I would be saving $200-$300... but every time we've gone they've tacked on $75-$100 for shots, meds and tests... The fact that they are tacking on so much money is a big deal though its the whole reason I joined Banfield and its the reason I wont be staying with them... I cant say they haven't been taken care of my pet in someway he's still breathing and in good health... but whenever I ask a question it never get answered... The place doesn't make me feel right and thats the only other thing I need... I was unhappy enough to look and search out reviews to see if it was just me


You seem to know an awful lot about the history and doings on about Banfeild.... that just seems odd to me...

The people against corruption

comparing a person to cat throw up... Really? thats a bit much don't ya think? Also even if they gave you their IP address I don't think you could prosecute them... I mean the laws are very loose when it comes incompetence on a blog...


To "unbeliever 100" and "anonymous coward"

You are obvoiously both disgusting, paid disinformation hacks sent by banfield to cover up their vile corruption. You both are not worth the vomit that spews from my cats mouth. I would prosecute both of you if I could obtain your IP addresses for incompetence.


Banfield called this evening to ask about a follow up visit for my cat. I explained to the girl on the phone that I did in fact see another vet, and the surgery turned up no illness.

I also went into the story about the dog, and my allowing Banfield to put the dog down based on the same vet's 'scare tactic'. This nice young lady asked for my dog's name, which I gave her. While I was on the phone, she did a search for the records on my dog. Amazingly, the only visit they have ANY info on was for a visit in 2008, when he saw a different vet in that same clinic for his Advantage treatment.

ALL records beyond that date were deleted. What a coincidence. I am very thankful that I saved every receipt from every visit, including the visit when they put him down. Which obviously, she had no record of either.

I do not CARE if some of you post that you do not believe me, but when a year's worth of records are suddenly deleted from their system, it makes it obvious that they KNEW they did something questionable, or those records would still be there like the records BEFORE this entire incident.

Be very careful of some of these offices. If you care for your pets, please go elsewhere!


I see where you are coming from. And believe it or not, I do understand your frustation. There have been many post regarding Banfield and the doctors that work for them. Unfortunately, if you want to report a legitimate complaint you really have to post/report all the facts.

I work for a small animal clinic that is privately owned and I like to say we always hold ourselves to the highest of standards. I KNOW about all the *** that goes on in "big business practices that hire newbies out of school" as well as the "small time halfwit, no diagnostics, don't know how you could still be practicing" medicine.

I truly am sorry that you lost your dog and on the other hand I am ecstatic that you cat is still with you. I understand your frustration, I would feel the same if I were in your shoes, however, I think that people need to start posting more facts.

There are tons of posts against Banfield hospitals, but to be honest with you, many of them are basically complaints about cost not actual care. If people feel that their pets have been treated poorly and not within the standard of care, they need to say that. There is never going to be a change to the company if there aren't any credible complaints against them.

Thus far, I haven't read any.

My suggestion would be to emphasize more on the poor care and diagnostics of your pet and less on the financial aspect. I think you would get a better response, especially from those that work in the veterinary field.

Best of Luck to You and Your Pets! :)


Anon, your thoughts on this are fair. I am not here in search of anything, and as the other poster pointed out, doubt is many times a good thing.

My original post may have been more vague, but the situation was unfolding at that time, and I was/am more than furious. I am not here to convince anyone. What I am here for is to warn and open people's eyes in the care of their animals. Do not blindly trust this place (or any other)when presented with 'do this expensive treatment right now or your pet will die a hideous death' approach.

Use that as a red flag and seek out a second opinion. Also, when presented with their bill, check the line items. It is NOT customary for them to remove the animal from the exam room to administer most shots, like antibiotics. (I do not believe any shot was administered, but after questioning them, they claim they did) This should be done in front of owner, and AFTER a diagnosis is made, not PRIOR to the initial xray.

Again, I myself would not have doubted, had I not personally experienced this before hand from this same vet about a year earlier. Sadly, the first time, I did NOT doubt or question and based on the above mentioned scare approach, I panicked and allowed this vet to put down my dog.(I believe he expected my response to be, ok do the surgery, not, put the dog down to prevent its suffering).

Perhaps there are decent Banfield offices, however the one near me does not fall into that category at all. I would strongly recommend pet owners to avoid my local office at all costs.


I might have missed it, but you never did state what Banfield had diagnosed your cat with. From your info it sounds as if they may have felt your cat had a foreign body, but I'm only guessing.

If that's the case, you can't always be certain 100% of the time. Once again your complaint was vague regarding your pets condition, but I can only assume this may have been one of the things they were concerned about especially since your Second Opinion decided to explore the abdomen while they were spaying your cat. Or perhaps they thought your cat had a pyometra(uterine infection) that would also require surgery. Although I'm glad that your cat is doing well and your happy with the care you received from the other vet, I honestly can't see any fault from Banfield with the information you provided.

Seems like they were playing it safe. If they were concerned about a foreign body, those things can sometimes work their way through even though they cause your pet discomfort and the xrays later on may look fine. No one can say for sure if they will pass or not so many vets will recommend surgery or recommend returning the next day for another xray. But once again, I have no idea what the diagnosis was from Banfield so I can't be sure if this was a concern.

In addition, If your cat was an adult and not spayed and acting oddly they may have been concerned about a pyometra, but once again you never mentioned their diagnosis.

As far as the xrays go, they didn't say they wouldn't release them. There was just a fee for them to do so. To be honest, it's just like going to your doctor and having to pay to have your records copied and transferred.

Many vet hospitals have adopted the practice of charging a nominal fee for such things.

In the end, at least your cat got spayed. In regards to your complaints, I honestly don't see what they did wrong other than providing care to your pet that they felt was appropriate at that time.


Like I said, you can doubt all you want. When they decided NOT to release xrays or test results to the 2nd vet, after I paid them for the visit, it leaves in question the integrity of what they claim those results were.

When the 2nd vet redid those xrays, for FREE because of Banfield's refusal, they could see nothing of what Banfield claimed to have seen and the bloodwork was fine. But once Banfield opened the door to this 'mysterious' deadly infection, the 2nd vet had really no choice but to do an exploratory to FULLY rule in or out Banfield's diagnosis, which I agreed with the 2nd vet. That unnecessary surgery found the animal perfectly healthy with no sign at all of the diagnosis that Banfield claimed. If it had NOT been for the fact that I remembered they gave me a similar diagnosis for my dog, and put me into such a panic over handing over thousands for surgery or he would suffer this painful death, I would have never had a 'red flag' go up and sought out a second opinion.

I would have TRUSTED that this man was a vet and only had my pet's best interest at heart. Turns out that was NOT the case.

So doubt all you want because my OWN doubt saved at least ONE of my animal's lives. I will take my skepticism over your blind faith when it comes to my animals.

Have a good one.


Sorry, I definately doubt your claims; and really don't believe you have much better to do with your time and money. Oh and make up stuff to put on this Forum......your words.....not mine!! And thank you for pointing out that I'm entitled to my opinion as well.

I too have read multiple Forums and reputable news sources; not just some of the slanderous *** Sessions that I've seen on this website. I do believe that an effective Forum should be informative and provide some insight to the subject matter. Most often that's very much debatable in my view; at least by what I've seen on this and several other forum and blog sites.

While I'm sure that Banfield does see it's share of lawsuits, I'm sure that isn't out of the norm for a national company that has over 750 hospitals nation-wide, employs more than 5,000 people off which over 2,000 are Veterinarians, and no doubt sees well over 1 million dogs and cat annually to have one or two lawsuits in this litigation happy country of ours. I'm sure that the majority of the lawsuits you mention are seen as frivolous and don't see the light of day in any courtroom in America based on their merits, but I'm sure the forum and blog posters you rely on for your news wouldn't know that information or much care if they did.

I have no stock in Banfield; oh that's not possible since they are privately held by the Mars Family.

I don't have an interest in the company other than to say there is no doubt that there are some slimebag vets out there in the Banfield Hospital system that give the brand a bad name. Banfield has been around since 1955 and there are doctors that have been partners that believe they can do anything they want and get away with it.

I don't know anything about you that is true, but I do know that if you let someone bill me over $800 and then went back and saw an estimate for $1500 more along with $350 foe xrays etc, I would have been talking with the Chief of Staff, and then on up the Banfield Chain. The $350 is on you I'm sorry, when you go to Banfield and I've been there alot recently, you tell them what you know about your pet and they recommend a course of action every time; I have never seen that vary ever... lab work costs money and so do xrays. If they find something in the bloodwork they recommend some course of medication. If you don't want it you can refuse it when you check you animal out; once your out the door the drugs are yours.

I know for a fact that Banfield has a top notch customer conflict resolution group that is ready and willing to listen to any customer complaints, recommendations, and comments as long as they are resonable, legitimate, rational, and factual; and presented in a professional manner that you would expect from them in return. I've talked with the Banfield Advocacy people, if you aren't happy give them a call to discuss your experience at: 877-500-2288. I'm sure they would be more than happy to hear fom someone dis-satisfied with the services of one of their vetinarians or staff.....that's what there job at Banfield is; conflict resolution with unhappy clients.


You can doubt all you want. I have far better things to do with my time and money than make up stuff to put on this forum.

After reading multiple forums, and seeing the 3 class action suits against them? I doubt it is me, but you are welcome to your opinion, even though you know nothing about me.

Have a good day though. :)


I highly doubt your stories on both counts!

As someone who has used banfield for my six animals for over three years, I have found every Banfield Veterinarian that I have encountered with to be above board and most professioanl in all regards.

I have had one dog that that had to have a neursurgeon fuse his back, the referral from the Banfield doctor's diagnosis was right on.

I now have a dog that is a Delta Certified Therapy Dog and a READ Certified Dog. He is very special with children under two years old and children with reading disabilities. A Banfield doctor just diagnosed him with Lymphoma. I found it hard to believe because he is only six years old, so I asked for a second opinion and had a second lab run a second set a lab work with the same results.

The first diagnosis was three and a half weeks ago and I have full faith in Banfield Vets. My dog is a family member to us and the cancer is growing so agressively that we will have to most likely have him put to sleep within the next couple of days, because we don't want him to suffer.

Have you ever thout that maybe it might be you and not Banfield! Just one man's opinion!!!!!

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