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My ferret went in to get his teeth cleaned and a tooth pulled, and never came out. The Doctor kept saying it was because of his age.

It was because that was the first ferret he ever did. Dr. Pearson, if you need to know. In Tempe, Az.

on Elliot and Hardy in the Petsmart.

I know he gave him to much anaesthesia and he will not admit to it. He was playing and eating less than a few hours before he went in. He was 6 but had at least 4 more good years. He was not supposed to go like this.

Then they send me flowers. Shove your flowers where the sun don't shine you MURDERER!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Consistently lied.

  • veterinary malpractice
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did you really just legitimately call out a veterinarian (someone who has toiled away for 10+ years just to even get started doing what they are passionate about!) then, take into consideration the average salary for an associate veterinarian starting out in GP and compare that number to the average student debt at this same instant. it is plain as day that veterinarians are almost exclusively a profession that is the opposite of "doing it for the money, power trip, because they are greedy and self-serving, insert whatever horrible trait you want to place here"!

i am offended by your lack of touch with reality, to be honest; and a bit frightened for and/or of you.

if you truly think any veterinarian would go forward with a surgical procedure they didn't feel comfortable and confident enough attempting, then you really don't understand the heart&soul of veterinary medicine.

ALSO: dig a bit deeper for knowledge re: ferrets. chances are a not so little operation called marshall farms is directly involved in your ferret's history. when you selectively breed the heck out of any species of animal (especially to the extent necessary for good clinical research trial candidates, as was the case with marshall farms) unfortunately more often than not ugly recessive traits and strange heritable genetic mutations begin showing up more frequently. way more frequently.

sorry, but it's the sad and bitter truth, and it has nothing to do with your ferret's vet.

six is honestly a mid-to-long life for a domestic ferret, to be honest. one last time: tell off marshall farms, don't slander the *** out of a doctor's "soul work" and calling.


So sorry. My dog was also murdered by a Banfield in NJ so I know exactly how you feel. Report the *** to your state veterinary medical board.


Imagine being a vet and having to deal with tards like this. Ugh.


Imagine the poor customers that has to deal with your *** self! Your compassion is awe inspiring!

Thank you for reminding me why I would NEVER entrust my pets in Banfield's care. You all are pure evil.


Riiiight. A person can become an instant veterinary expert after their pet dies and libel an actual real veterinarian in public with ill-conceived theories, but the people who call them out are the "evil" ones. Go back to your trailer.


I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy losing a pet.

I do have to say this though.

I've worked in veterinary medicine for 6yrs and counting. I did USED to work at banfield, but I'm no longer there.

If a pet passes away under anesthesia, it does not necessarily mean that it was anything that the vet or the staff did wrong. Anesthesia, like everything else, is never 100% safe.

When I worked at Banfield, one of my own dogs stopped breathing after his dental as we were extubating him (taking the tube out of his throat). Luckily we got him back.

It was nothing that my vet or the tech did wrong. It just happens sometimes, unfortunately. He was fine throughout the entire procedure (I watched the whole thing) until it was time to take the tube out.

Now, obviously I don't know what exactly happened to your baby because I wasn't there.

But unless you know for a FACT, and have evidence to back up your claims, I would advise against slandering the vet, as they can sue you.. Banfield notates everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. From the exam before the procedure, to every piece of monitoring they did, medications used etc. You can get copies of everything and have another vet look them over.

I am not saying this to be mean. I'm trying to help you. I know how hard it is losing a pet. I know how heartbroken you are right now.

But try not to let the anger take hold, until you know all the facts. You can call the hospital and ask that the medical director get in touch with you. Then the two of you can go over all the notes and you can get an explanation and understanding of everything that happened.

Again, I really am sincerely sorry for your loss. You will be in my thoughts.


I just reread this and have to add to my comment.

There's no such thing as giving "too much" anesthesia. That's not how anesthesia works.

When a pet is under anesthesia, they have someone performing the procedure and they have someone strictly watching and monitoring the patient (heart rate, anesthetic depth, pulse, temp etc)

There are numerous reasons this could have happened. It could have been his age, it could have been he had a reaction to the pre medications given, he could have been sensitive to the anesthesia etc.

Like I said, numerous things it could have been. I'm not saying for sure the vet wasn't to blame and I'm not saying for sure that they are.

I don't know much about ferrets in general, but if they are like bunnies, I know that bunnies can be sensitive to anesthesia. But that doesn't mean they can't go under.

The only way to know for sure what happened is doing a necropsy.

I know you are extremely hurt and hest broken and it's completely understandable. But when something like this happens, everyone automatically wants to place blame on the vet, when most of the time it's not anything they did wrong.

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. But please do not bash a veterinarian without knowing FACTS and having the proof to back it up.

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